Angry April brings…BEAST MODE

I know. I’m late in bringing you my March recap. I had planned on getting it done and posted on Monday, April 1. But wouldn’t you know it, that’s when that whole stomach bug hit me and I was left trying to ignore it as I went shopping and got my nails done as a treat for running the Extreme. Then I threw up and that was it for a few days.

Now that I’m up and moving around like a semi-normal person, I thought I’d fill you in on my accomplishments and failures of March, and the goals and plans for April. The only person holding me accountable is me and this little ditty of a blog so let’s get to it!


* I did not run a mile a day, but I did run 65 miles last month. Not bad, but pretty much average. I was hoping to get some more miles in, but working in television keeps me from making all my goals. I guess if you spread the miles over each day, I ran 2 miles a day, but it doesn’t work that way. I wanted to do a mile a day, and didn’t get it done.

* I did not do a plank a day like I wanted to, but I did get some in. Planks are not exactly fun for me. I always have pain in my lower back doing them. Which means I need more core training.

* I did not make it to the weight center like I planned on. I’m not to concerned about this one because some of the exercises I did almost always gave me a migraine. But I do want slim, fit tight arms. That means weights.

* I did run all the races I had planned. Score!

* I did get faster. SCORE!

* I did have better eating. EPIC SCORE.

All in all, it was a decent month. I was happy with the results of my races for the most part and I am taking it easy so to ease some super sore muscles and a seriously pissed off IT band. But! Starting Monday, it’s on again for Angry April. Why is April so angry? Simple. Goals that I wanted to reach when in March didn’t happen. It’s frustrating to work so hard and have little time to get what you really want to do finished.

So, that being said – on to Angry April. I’m hoping that April Showers will bring me tighter legs, toner arms, and let me lose 5 lbs

* 100 miles in April. Let’s see if I can do it.
* Trail runs on Sundays. There are trails at UNF and if I get out there at like 8:30am I should be able to get it done early enough so that it doesn’t interfere with family time, dreamboat time, and whatever race is going on that day. (It’s NASCAR season yo)
* Speed on Wednesdays. Hellooooo, train bridge! If you want to do speed work with me on Wednesdays, I’ll be there at about 7pm. Parked at the YMCA in Riverside. One mile warm up, Train Bridge speed work starting at 4 times, adding one lap each week. Power it up!
* 5 Mile Bridges. I hate those things, but they are epically necessary for a variety of reasons. They boost cardio work, they make your legs stronger, and just about every race downtown has those damn things in it. For that reason, I am going to plan on doing 5 mile bridges at least once a week, but prefer twice a week.
* Squat and Plank challenge. Caitlyn Connolly started this SQP challenge and my girl Tiffany invited me to do it. But at the time I wasn’t able to start it. Now, I’m jumping in about two weeks late, but I plan to be a beast and catch up. I got the squats no problem, but the planks? That’s a bit nerve wracking. I don’t know if I can do it, but I’m going to try. If you want to join, tell her Idiot Runner Girl sent you. I’m starting Day One on Monday!
* Yoga. 3 days a week. In the mornings. I need to improve my flexibility and stretching will help tremendously. I need to be able to touch the ground by the end of the month! I hear Yoga will also help  me strengthen my legs and my core as well. I’m hoping so.
* Stairs. I literally just remembered these. I need to do stairs once a week. I’m not sure where I’m going to add them but I’m going to find a place to do so. Stairs are great cardio and make for stronger limbs!
* Weights. Gotta get it done if I want to be svelt for summer! 2 times a week, in the morning for now. Unless someone has the Body Pump series they want to sell me dirt cheap because I’m a little tight on cash right now and I can’t get it for full price at the moment. BUT — if you want a full body weights workout that kicks ass and takes names, Body Pump is it.
* My Fitness Pal. If you are already follow me, then you know I’m trying this AGAIN. I hate counting calories and I hate limiting myself on what I can and cannot eat, but I think if I want to drop weight I need to. I don’t understand why I’m not, and everywhere I look points to the diet. So I’m here to test that theory out. One month, calorie counting. (btw – I’m IdiotRunnerGirl on MFP. Come find me?)

So there you have it. I’m hoping now that my work hours are stable and not changing, I can focus more on being consistent in my working out than I have the past three months. I’m also hoping it means I can be more focused on my eating and control the binging, with the exception of my overnight of course.

Are you doing an Angry April workout regime? Share your plans with me and let me know if we can do it together! I want to!! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Angry April brings…BEAST MODE

  1. internetmarketingtiff says:

    You know what’s weird?

    While I was training for the Gate I barely lost any actual weight. I did, however, have more shapely arms and legs. Also dropped a pants size. I feel like during that time my body was preserving calories for some reason. Now that I’ve taken 2 weeks off. Only fitting 2 total workouts in, I have dropped 4lbs. Be sure you’re drinking an extra ounce of water for every pound you want to lose over the 64oz.

    I always say, though, my body is a wonderland and I just don’t know what it’s going to do it seems!

    Oh, and I love Body Flow for stretching hips. Helped me so much in my running.

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