It’s A Food Thing: Green Foods!

Tropical Smoothie has announced two new smoothies. One is bright orange and has carrots, the other is bright green and has spinach and kale in it. Feeling frisky on a morning I was way early to work, I decided to grab the green one. And it was DELICIOUS! Where has this been my entire life? I could barely taste the spinach in there, and loved the bite from the fruit that was in there (was that pineapple? noms!!)

That got me thinking about other green foods I needed to add back into my diet that I had forgotten about.

Foods I’m adding back into my diet:

* broccoli – I love this stuff. Steamed, raw, grilled, noms. It’s a great addition to salads and stir fry, and I’ve discovered that as a side it can do wonders to chicken. Last night, my friend made some steamed broccoli tossed in a lite Caesar sauce and it blew me away. So simple but so delicious. Earlier this week I added it to a beef stir fry I was testing out (it failed, btw) but the broccoli broke down and made the sauce thick which made it delicious.

* spinach – I forgot how  much I love this stuff! I had it wilted and then mixed with some of that Philidelphia Cream Cheese starters to top some goat cheese stuffed chicken. Incredible. I’ve been throwing it in my salads by the handful, and it always makes them greener. I wilted some into pasta a few weeks ago to go with some olive oil, parm, and black olives. This stuff is delicious and a great addition to meals.

* edamame – soy beans that are tasty all on their own. I got a bag and tossed it with a little basil butter and had it as a side with a nice steak, tossed a handful in my salad, and really want to try and find a way to make it work in a smoothie. I usually get it as an appetizer before sushi, but I am finding it easier and easier to include it in every meal.

* green beans – I like them steamed, I like them baked, and I LOVE them fried (with a ranch dipping sauce, of course!) Usually I end up getting fresh ones and blanching them in salty water, and then

* Green grapes – Sweet snack, tossed into a salad…what’s not to love?

Green foods I want to try:

Brussel Sprouts
collard greens
Turnip Greens

What other green foods out there are delicious and I should try? What are your favorite green foods?

What color should I focus on next time? 🙂


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