Weekly Inspiration: March 18, 2013



Hey there, everyone. I didn’t mean to disappear on you guys last week. I had a crazy week that went from bad to worse to “WTF, again!? Seriously!?”

You all know that I work in TV news as a social media producer, and the story that broke about Allied Veterans of the World here locally was astonishing, exhausting, and mind boggling. Long story short: those “internet cafe’s” were really illegal gambling houses (shocker, right?) and the $300 MILLION dollar scheme finally collapsed thanks to Operation Reveal the Deal. The details of the raid, the arrests (including top names in Jacksonville Police) and what is happening now can be found on News4Jax here.

It started on Tuesday, and snowballed into Wednesday and Thursday. Given I usually write my blos on my lunch break or during some down time, I was slamming away trying to get the news posted on our sites and the blog fell by the wayside.

Add to that the selection of a new pope, and the other “normal” breaking news, I was exhausted. I also had a race and a bridal show to work.

Needless to say, I wanted to say thanks to those readers who contacted me and made sure I was okay. I really appreciate it, and it makes me feel loved. I also appreciate those of you who came up to me at the Gate River Run and at the St. Patty’s Day 10k. It made my days, you have no idea.

Make it a great week, and look for those blogs I wasn’t able to get done! I promise them to you this week! 🙂


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