Tutu Feature: Girls On The Run!

I got this email in my inbox after asking for people to send me photos of their tutus, their races, or BOTH for a feature, and not gonna lie. I totally geeked out about this one! Read what Karrina and her daughter Danielle did!

My 9 year old daughter did her first 5k through this program and I was her “buddy runner”.  I wanted it to be a super special experience for her and the tutu did not fail me!  Your tutorial was fabulous and I was able to bust these out on  Saturday morning.  I made three!  I made me and her one for racing and another for my youngest who was not old enough to race.  Ours were white with pink, blue and purple alternating between every white.  Very very fluffy!

She signed up to do the spring season too so look for a group of 30 girls in matching tutus from her school.  Since I can no longer run with her, I will outfit her team for the May race.  It has made such a big difference in her outlook and confindence.


run photo 1

run photo 2

I’m thrilled for this because not only did Karrina get a chance to get her daughter out there running, it’s also with Girls On The Run! This group is just amazing in getting young women out there and running and is now partnered with my sorority Gamma Phi Beta. That makes GOTR just that much closer to my heart.

Karrina, the tutus look amazing and I am so excited about your daughter Danielle. She’s going to realize just how running can make you feel like a super hero (and how tutus can make you feel like a super star!) Congratulations on your race and your tutus, ladies!

Remember — if you want to be featured on my blog all you have to do is send me a few photos and a quick blurb about why this race was important to you. Then, watch the blog! I would love to do a feature every week, but that depends on YOU sending me your reviews! So get to it and go have some fun, remember to take photos, and RUN! (btw – my email is idiotrunnergirl@aol.com )


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