March Madness!!

This is my month! Dreamboat is celebrating his birthday on March 3, I’m celebrating my birthday on March 27 and I have a plethora of races scheduled for the entire month. It also usually means the end of to the cold snaps (tell that to the 30 degree cold we are having this weekend) and opens up Florida to all kinds of fun, beautiful things.

So I’m going to make March my bitch and celebrate my own March Madness. Want to take the challenge with me? First, there’s the I ❤ to Run’s Mile a Day challenge. A mile a day. If you happen to do more than a mile a day, then fantastic. But making the effort to do one  mile a day is a huge commitment to a girl who is so incredibly busy like I am. I plan on doing many more than that in my running plan, but if I can get one a day then I’m set.

Second, Plank a Day. I meant to do it all  month long in February, but working as much as I did left me exhausted and down trodden so I gave up before I finished. But March is my month to do it and do it right. I started at about a minute, which was longer than I anticipated, and am hoping to get up to two minutes by the end of March. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll be able to track my photos of me doing it! You’ll also get to see some behind the scenes photos of my work, lots of inspiration photos, and photos from my life here in Florida.

Third, RACES! As I said in an earlier post, I have a TON of races this month and I feel like that has lit a fire up under my butt and has me running and really focused. Gate River Run 15K is March 9, St. Patty’s Day 10k is March 17, The Yeti Run in Hotlanta with my girl Amber is March 23 (10 miles) and my Tour de Pain: Extreme is March 29 – 30. Plus, I’ve been asked to join in on the Kiwi run on March 16! So many races!!

Fourth, and this one I’m kind of ho-hum about, is My Fitness Pal. It’s so complicated! I don’t remember to log in everyday, even though it’s mobile. I also don’t remember what I eat all day because I stress eat and I don’t do it consciously. I told Tiff and Chrissy that I eat about 80% healthy and 20% without a care, but I do need to start tracking what I’m eating so I can drop some weight for my October cruise. I’d kill to be down to a solid size 12 (dare I say size 10??) by October and if I start getting in the habit now I’ll be able to do it. I hope. Maybe.

Also – and this is probably silly – blog a day. That’s the plan. I want to try and get one blog post a day finished, even if it’s just a photo. On the Idiot Runner Girl Facebook page too. I also am hunting down some awesome gear to do a fun giveaway again this month. I love giveaways!! So much fun!

So that’s my March Madness challenge. Do you want to join me?


One thought on “March Madness!!

  1. Jules (@mymomsawhackjob) says:

    This is awesome! I joined the mile a day for March as well. Went out last night to get what I needed to finally get my treadmill up and running from the move and was on it this morning at 5 am. Think I will through the Plank a day in just for funsies…. I have two races this month and two next month and a birthday! Yikes… March is always crazy. Good luck!

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