It’s a Food Thing: Reactive vs Proactive

Holy crap, yo. It’s already MARCH. When did that happen?

See, I went dress shopping with a bride and a bridesmaid on Monday. I’m the Matron of Honor, and am the largest girl in the bridal party. Two size 8’s and a size 6, and then there’s me. A good old size 12/14. I tried to not let it get to me, but it got the best of me when I heard complaints about dress sizes and immediately I started working out in  my head what extra changes I need to do to drop pounds fast.

Stupid thinking, and I know that. Now before you start lecturing me about all of this, I adore the people I was with. They both are beautiful girls and the bride blew me away with how amazing she was rocking those dresses. The curves she has in the dresses she was wearing made me crazy jealous too! Groom has no idea what he’s in for when he sees his fiance in one of those perfect white dresses. And bridesmaid is incredibly sweet, eclectic and fun.

These girls also loved me at my heaviest, and know the hard work I’ve done to get to where I am now. They also know how hard I am working to take the extra pounds off that I put on after my emotional melt down last year. (which was exactly a year ago this weekend). I’m not dissing them, nor am I dissing myself.Okay that’s a lie. I’m totally berating myself into horribly bad habits. I immediately started thinking about what I could do differently that would allow me to drop weight fast and look as skinny as they did. BUT – I know enough about fitness, health and positive thinking to keep myself from doing those things. I also know that I have a completely different body type than they do.

So, what’s the deal then? Well, I could go into a thousand reasons why I reacted the way I did, and any of them could be true. But I reacted. And unless you are caught off guard, set on fire, or have a sudden change in plans, reacting to something just because you are emotionally compromised is never a good thing. Okay sometimes it’s a good thing.

I’m having a seriously indecisive day today. Or maybe I’m just tired. Basically, I want to be proactive when it comes to everything related to food and fitness. Reacting means not thinking things through and could mean a drastic change that could cause sickness, injury, or worse – both. And Lord knows I have had enough injure and sickness to last me a while over the past year.

Okay, now that I’ve rambled incoherently for a blog post (seriously, where is my head today?) I am going to go map out my own MARCH MADNESS plan. You’ll see that post tomorrow.


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