Inspiring Blog Award!

So I was goofing off the other day on my Twitter page (do you follow me? You totally should) and saw this tweet from My Mom’s A Whack Job:
I won!? I won what! I don’t remember entering some kind of contest so what did I win!? I went to the page, and look at that!
Me? I’m an Inspiring Blog? Well, that’s sweet, but I sure don’t see it that way. I am glad you do though! According to the rules, the Inspiring Blog Award is simple.  Seven facts about me and ten bloggers that inspire me……

Seven Facts About Me:

  1. I am crazy busy and I kind of hate it right now. However, when I’m not crazy busy, I get bored easily and am wondering what kind of project I can start. It’s a evil, dirty cycle that I despise. I really do want to be lazy and comfortable and sleepy. But I just get bored so easily!!
  2. I’m a music freak, and I listen to everything. I write to classical or piano, I lift to rock or country, and I run to everything that has a decent beat. I own over 400 CD’s that I know I have, and I have easily hundreds of hours of music saved on my computer. I have a playlist account and a pandora account, and wish I had more. Some people love tv shows or movies – for me it’s music.
  3. Unless I have a serious craving – I hate chocolate. I know, I know. I’m not a real human being. But I’d take taffy or any other chewy candy over chocolate any day. I prefer white chocolate. And I prefer it to be partnered with something like popcorn, nuts, or both. I do, however absolutely love Kilwins chocolate peanut butter caramel apples. I will eat my weight in those things. NOMS.
  4. I get recognized for running races without tutus. It’s kind of funny to see people walk up to me and say “Hey! Where’s your tutu?” and my dreamboat just rolls his eyes. Here’s my rule: if it’s rainy or beachy, no tutu. Any other time, and it’s there!
  5. I live in flip flops. Unless it’s 20 degrees outside, I am in flip flops. Unless I’m running. I usually go through 2-3 pairs of Reef’s a year.
  6. The back window of my car is plastered with stickers because everything I own is decorated in some way. Which is funny, because I dress quite simply. My hair is wild, my notebooks are wild, my shoes are wild, my car is wild. My clothes, my jewelry and my glasses, however, are plain Jane. I’m weird.
  7. I don’t like talking about  myself, and it irritates me that when I do finally talk about myself the people I’m with automatically make it about them. If I complain about how tired and stressed out I am because you asked, don’t answer “Oh, ME TOO!” and then launch into a monologue about how your life is so much harder than mine. Either don’t ask me how I am doing, or just complain. I’ll listen! I’m good at that. #petpeeve.

And because I’m horrible – I don’t follow a lot of blogs because I don’t have time to read them all. Note my first “about  me” item! So here are the 8 or so that I DO follow regularly and adore (not including Jules since I can’t re-nominate her!!)

Amanda at TooTallFritz
Leigh at Vegetarian Barefoot Runner
Ali at Running with Spatulas
Katy at TriKatyKid
Mindy at Mindy’s Fitness Journey
Heather at Running With Sass
Katie at The Hungry Runner
Stacey at Starpulp



4 thoughts on “Inspiring Blog Award!

  1. tootallfritz says:

    I’m a Reef fanatic too but after I tore a tendon in my foot last summer, I needed more support. So I now have these horribly UGLY Merrill slip-on shoes that the dogs seem to always find and chew. Major fashion fail, plus they look beat up and “chewed”. 😦 I miss my Reefs!

    Thanks for the nomination. Super sweet!

    • jljohnson says:

      My run store keeps trying to get me to wear the “good for you” flip flops but I refuse. I’m a Reefs girl, plantar fascitis and all! 🙂 And you are very welcome for the Nom!

  2. Jules (@mymomsawhackjob) says:

    The fact that you get out and run with your life as busy as it is is so inspiring to me!!! I also live in my reefs. Have three pair of exactly the same ones. My mom flipped when I had her buy me a pair at $50! So worth it though! Can’t wait to check out these blogs! I follow Ali also and LOVE her!

    • jljohnson says:

      Reefs last forever. Unless you wear them out like I do. I’m due for a new pair (or 4) and am waiting impatiently for summer because that’s when they go on sale at the local surf shop. I usually get a brown pair and a black pair just to cover my bases. A third pair with some kind of flowery print for beachy stuff. I LOVE my reefs.

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