It’s A Food Thing: Smart Changes

There has been a distinct lack of posts this week. Know what that means? Yep. Such is the life of a journalist. I sometimes have no idea how other journalists have the free time (and ENERGY) to work the crazy hours and emotional roller coaster that we do, and still make it out there to run miles EVERY day. I do the best I can, but sometimes I don’t have the energy to run. I’m lucky I have the energy to make it to the bedroom and crash into a comfy bed instead of the couch.

Diet is the same way. When you are working long hours like I have been, it’s easy to grab anything that is available. Fast food, bad drinks, high calorie snacks….it’s almost an easy thought. But I’ve been bound and determined this week to clean it all up some more and to make smarter decisions. In in just a short week, I already feel the difference. I’ve also found myself cooking more than I have been.

Even with how busy I’ve been, even though the easiest thing to do would be to go out and eat crappy food that I don’t like very  much because it’s a quick fix, I’ve made the effort to do things differently. That’s big. That’s part of that motivation thing.

So here is a short list of what my favorite (healthy!) grab and go items have become:

  1. Popcorn: Granted, right now I’m plowing through some of the microwave versions of it (I support little kids selling yumminess) but it’s high in fiber and if you get the right kinds, it’s super healthy.
  2. Apples: I am an apple FREAK and since it takes almost no time at all to slice them into bite sizes. I usually cut them into slices and partner them with some yummy peanut butter. When I remember to cut them and bring them with me, that is.
  3. Strawberries: With a little bit of whipped cream? Hello, dessert!
  4. Trail Mix: I make my own, and I’m always trying to find new ways of making it yummy. My latest creation was almonds, pepitas, craizins and white chocolate chips. I want to try that again and add sunflower seeds, peanuts, and cashews. Maybe some banana chips? OOooh! Or dried pineapple! I’m not a fan of raisins so I’m trying to find some alternatives.
  5. Greek yogurt: although I usually eat this as part of my lunch everyday, I found something on Pinterest that piqued my attentions. Take it and make it into little dots, and then freeze them. Instant frozen treat! How smart is that!? It’s brilliant. I’m going to try it.
  6. Giant Freezies: I’m insane about ice cream, and while I’m also crazy about the frozen Greek yogurt, sometimes you want something lo-cal and sweet. I found these Popsicle literally called Giant Freezies. They are as long as my arm, taste fantastic, and the entire thing is only 100 calories. Sold!!

What are some of your healthy, grab and go treats? I’m always looking for more!



2 thoughts on “It’s A Food Thing: Smart Changes

  1. Courtney says:

    Carrots & hummus. Super easy! Or a glass of Odwalla Superfood. That stuff is filling! I add it with vanilla protein powder.

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