It’s a Food Thing: Plan, Idiot!

Sometimes we get too busy or too stressed out to remember to do the important things that keep our lives on the right track. Working in TV has always left me exhausted and drained, physically and mentally. We’ve been so busy that we haven’t cooked in a while, or grocery shopped in a while. And while Dreamboat might be okay with something fresh out of a can (like the awesome Progressive soups we got when they were on sale) I don’t really like doing that unless I’m feeling down and sick.

I like fresh fruits and salads, fresh cooked meals, and lately I’ve been on a protein kick so that helps too.

However – when we are doing last minute stuff, and miss our shopping and cooking prep, I fail at sticking to the healthy eating regime. And honestly, I’d really like to lose some weight already, so why is this so damn hard?

I had granola bars and an apple with me when I got to work, but I didn’t bring them with me into the morning meeting. I was in a rush and wanted to get in there as soon as I could. They had bagels in the meeting. Big, yummy, delicious and NOT gluten free bagels from Panera. I didn’t get a chance to eat an actual breakfast at home because we didn’t have anything that I really wanted…and I was trying to scavenge something for a healthy lunch and wasn’t finding anything for that either. So I grabbed the granola bar, sliced up an apple and called it done.

They smelled delicious and I was good at resisting till the very end. I ended up grabbing a cinnamon crunch bagel with some hazelnut creamed cheese. In the long run of my diet choices, this one is NOT the worst. I eat pretty healthy on a regular basis, have cut out lots of unhealthy options, and have made it a point to do the right thing. BUT – it wasn’t gluten free, and just a few hours later I feel the consequences of the most delicious bagel I’ve had in a very, very long time.

Remember – I’m against diets. But I am for doing what you need to do in order to keep yourself healthy, and I KNOW better than to have a bagel that isn’t gluten free. I’m going to be filling myself full of OTC meds to make myself feel better, and that’s fine. The bagel was worth it. But still. It’s moments like this that make me think of how I keep “failing” at this whole healthy eating thing.

Eating is hard, and keeping track of everything is harder. Making it a point to do the healthy meal instead of grabbing and going is going to be an on going battle for me, especially since my work schedule is constantly changing and is never, ever the same from week to week. That’s why having Greek yogurt, hard boiled eggs, corn meal English muffins, cooked lean meats, and ready made salads are so important for me to have on hand. The problem is making the time to get all of that cooked and ready.

What do you do for grab and go meals, when you are too tired to do the work to prepare them? Do you have a set time to always make meals for the week?


One thought on “It’s a Food Thing: Plan, Idiot!

  1. cynkingfeeling says:

    Fast food has been my downfall. By not planning ahead, I rush out the door thinking “I’m not hungry now” and by the time I’m almost to work I think, “I’m not going to make it to lunch.” Then I found out that I have an inner ear disorder that requires me to follow a low-sodium diet. So, even though I don’t require gluten-free foods, I understand your challenge: we can’t just grab any old convenience food.
    I’ve started writing out meal plans for the week and shopping from the plan. This is a work in progress. When it goes well, I do food prep on the weekend. I found a great website with slow cooker recipes. I’m adapting them to meet my reduced-sodium needs, but all of the recipes include gluten-free options (I can’t find the link, but try Googling “a year of slow cooking”).
    After I make a bigger batch on the weekends, I HAVE to make sure I pack my lunch & snacks the night before. Again, this is a work in progress.
    Good luck to you!

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