FEATURE: First Half Marathon!

I love to feature people on my blog, and today I have a very special feature to do!

Pamela, the woman who won the iFitness contest, posted in her comment how her daughter Alexa was participating in her very first half marathon at 15 years old! Pamela told me that they trained together and did the half together. Check out her recap below:

My daughter did great and we really enjoyed it being together. We finished in 3 hours and 21 minutes. She had a great time and wants to work towards a full marathon one day but in the training process wants to do a half marathon in every state!! I am beyond proud of her. She is an amazing girl and helps keep me focused at the gym too.

She enjoyed spending the first part of her day doing something most of her peers haven’t done and then we took her to eat Mexican food! Alexis is a beautiful girl inside and out.

Here are the photos she sent me. Pamela and Alexa CONGRATULATIONS on an amazing half marathon, and I hope to see you at a race someday! Maybe we can do a Disney race together in your goal of doing a race in every state!







If you would like to be featured, just send me some photos and some details about your race to idiotrunnergirl@aol.com and I’ll be happy to! Don’t forget, I feature tutu runners to! 🙂

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