It’s a Food Thing: Food is food right? Not exactly…

I was scrolling through the blogs I follow yesterday and stumbled across TooTallFritz post about feeling sluggish and eating the wrong foods. I read it, I commented on it, and knew exactly how she felt. I had been trying to clean up my eating for a while now, as you know, and this is week 4 of eliminating the gluten from my diet has made me feel better, limiting my caffeine intake has made me tired but I feel the effects more when I need it and use it, and I have been cooking a lot more which makes me feel useful.

Then, last night as I was running around doing some errands before going home, Dreamboat said he wanted to order out for dinner instead of cook. All I could think of is TooTallFritz blog about how eating the wrong foods can make you feel worse instead of better and how this was a challenge for me to do the right thing. Well played, husband. Well played.

We did end up ordering out for Chinese. I ordered Roast Pork and Broccoli, he got something with cabbage and onions and I think there was meat in there too. (Chow Mein?) We also split some Crab Rangoon and some Egg Drop Soup.

I made some comments about how we had food at the house we could have eaten and we joked about it, but ultimately we ordered out. And to be honest, we never order out like that. We don’t order Chinese or pizza or anything like that. We make most of our food unless we go out to with our friends and meet them at decent restaurants. Nothing too drastic of crazy eating habits, although if you run with me, I might complain about wanting french fries when we are finished. (Just ask Tiffany. She hears me beg for them while running!)

So when he said something about wanting to order in, I didn’t put up much of a fight. I was going home with a migraine anyway so the thought of cooking something at 7pm made me want to cry, and I just wanted to lay down. We picked a menu, I wrote down what I wanted, then went into our bedroom and threw on my comfiest lounge wear: a pair of HIS plaid pajama bottoms and one of my favorite jersey knit tops. I curled up on the couch with my phone and we talked about how dreadful of a day it was for both of us until the food got there. He jumped up to get the food from the door, but I crawled. I was tired, hurting, and wanted to just go to bed.

We dished up our meal, went in front of the TV and turned on The Taste and just relaxed. I had to take a Maxalt and a Naproxen for my  migraine (UGH!!) so I was crashing hard and we ended up going to bed early. I got up this morning and ran 6 miles with my girl Kat, and it was good! My run portions were faster than they have been, and my walk portions were shorter, but I still didn’t go as hard as I wanted to. I felt heavy and gross and just weak. I thought it was because I went home with a migraine yesterday but wasn’t sure.

Today, I had left over Chinese for lunch. Then ice cream for our Sweeps Kick Off at work. Then a sliver of cake (and by sliver, I mean like three bites because it’s GLUTEN, and I can’t deal with that) for the goodbye party for one of my co-workers who is leaving Jacksonville and going home. I’m sitting here at my desk feeling lousy, headachey and all around miserable.

And part of me is stuck wondering if it’s the food I have eaten or if it’s the hard day of  news that is making me miserable.

This is what I know: When you eat things that you have gotten out of the habit of eating, your body isn’t sure how to react. It’s like my previous post about McDonalds. When you don’t eat it for such a long time, you realize how not good it really is, and how heavy and gross you feel from eating something so not healthy. I joked with my brother today that I wanted to trade my Chinese food for a Cobb salad, and he scoffed at me. I’m not kidding. A Panera Chicken Cobb salad with no tomatoes or onions sounds beyond delicious. Way better than Roasted Pork and Broccoli. But eating the Roasted Pork and Broccoli wasn’t a bad thing since I don’t do it often. I couldn’t even tell you when the last time I had Chinese was.

My point is this: I’m not saying I feel guilty for what I ate today and yesterday, quite the opposite. I know that I don’t usually eat that way so it’s not something I’m going to freak out about. But paying attention to it so it doesn’t become habit is a good thing to do. And I think that if you eat healthy for the most part, a little treat here and there won’t hurt you. Just don’t make it habit.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Food Thing: Food is food right? Not exactly…

  1. Stephanie says:

    I think that self knowledge in and of itself is HUGE. So many people ignore what their bodies say when they eat something. They just don’t make the connection that what they eat results in how they feel.

    I have become so much more attune to my body. Of course, that doesn’t keep me from occasionally eating something that blows my body away. Sometimes I regret it, because it feels so bad, but sometimes it really is worth it!

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