It’s a Food Thing Part 3 – Planning Meals

Schedules dictate everything: Being able to plan accordingly and make things in advance means clean eating across the board. Usually, I’m pretty good at cooking in advance and having a lot of delicious food on hand that is perfect for quick grabs at any time. I always make big meals and separate the left overs into single servings so I can make my lunches quickly and easily, leaving me to cut up some fruit, add a yogurt, and maybe a sweet treat before heading out the door.

When we get really busy, though, sometimes we forget to do that. Or if we make smaller meals instead, there isn’t much to grab and go with. Salads are a great go to, quick and easy meal…but after a while salad gets old, no matter how you dress it. Which means, last minute grabs aren’t exactly healthy. It also means breaking down and buying food from a fast food joint when really – it’s not what you want. What makes it suck even more is when, after eating it, you realize just how not yummy it was.I actually love  my schedule…except for Fridays and Saturdays. I work 7:30am – 4:30pm, and am in bed by 6:30 at the latest on Fridays. Why? Because I need to be awake and getting ready to go back into work at 12:30am. Yep, thirty minutes past midnight. So I can be at work at 2am. So I can produce the 9am hour. Sucks and sucks. BUT – I do love my job, so this is just a small speed bump in the realm of things.

But with a schedule like that, and a dreamboat husband that comes to bed literally as you are getting up and getting ready to leave it makes it hard to cook. Lately, I haven’t had stuff made before I go to bed because I have just enough time to get home, eat something, and then head to bed. I’ve been going to the Gate station by my house that has a pretty nice selection of salads, sandwiches, fruit cups and whatever for me to choose from. My usual purchase from the Gate station on a Friday night/Saturday morning is one of those ready made salads (they are actually pretty good), a package of raw almonds, a bottle of water, and something sweet. If I’m having a rough night from lack of sleep, I’ll hit up the soda fountain and get a medium sized (okay, large sometimes) vanilla coke.

But last Friday, I was debating on whether or not I really wanted to go and grab that, so instead I drove into work thinking about where I wanted to go. It was 1:30 in the morning (or the middle of the night) and not much was open. I had a choice of 7-11, Taco Bell, McDonalds, or the Gate station back where I came. In a lack of sleep filled last minute decision I went for the McDonalds. Coke, 10 piece nuggets, fries. As I ate the food at about quarter to 2am, I realized that nuggets were good, and of course I slammed that soda fast, but the fries sucked.

About an hour after that, I started to feel heavy, bloated and just all around gross. Not at all like I felt when I ate the salad, which was comfortable and stable. The soda helped given I was working an overnight. I ran 8  miles later that day so I burned off the extra calories without any problem, but I still felt miserable, and the food didn’t really taste as good as I remembered it tasting. I guess you live and learn, right?

I went to my Facebook page and asked what challenges YOU have when trying to stay healthy. Here are a few of your comments:

KimmieSue GettingHealthy I always take a bag lunch. It looks like a purse… I put 3 small ice packs in it and pack my lunch. Even if I don’t plan ahead… I always grab a yogurt and a piece of fruit. I admit I bring them home sometimes because I don’t get to them or other healthy choices are available or I rush and forget them sometimes too.

Mechelle Kuchar Same thing, too much too do, to little time, and unless I plan ahead the diet goes to hell. I did find that lots of places offer halfway decent oatmeal, McD being one of them. But it sure is difficult to resist those fries and for me the filet of fish (really? Who eats fast food fish on a bun with secret tarter sauce?) Good thing they always tell us it is food over time that matters and not one “meal.” P.S. I am eating a white chocolate raspberry cupcake with breakfast.

Jon Diswood Your only human an with a good work-out routine what ypu eat can turn that into energy. Its good to induldge on food such as this and yes of course it never quite taste the same as you remember, however its food so enjoy.  May your legs move swiftly, arms pumping and lungs burn..running is awesome

I’m glad I wasn’t alone in my last minute splurges and I know that you all are right. I just wish I had a splurge of food that was worth it, you know? Now I’m in the process of planning out more reasonable meals, including some last minute grabs for those short nights. Or I can always con Dreamboat into making me dinner that night, right? 😉

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One thought on “It’s a Food Thing Part 3 – Planning Meals

  1. Mary says:

    I hate when I feel I’ve “wasted” a cheat meal on something that wasn’t that great. At least you know you won’t be headed back to mickey-Ds any time soon.
    I always keep a protein bar in my purse for “emergency food.” The bad part is, all too often I’m having little “emergencies” that are really more like I just don’t feel like getting off my butt to get something better (like a salad from my office’s cafe). I feel your pain!

    But you are a trooper to deal with that schedule – awesome that you can put in those hours and still have the energy for an 8 mile run!

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