Running is NOT cheap.

Someone once told me that running was cheap therapy. Well…I’ll give them that. It is pretty therapeutic. But I’m going to have to argue with the “cheap” part. The guy who told me this is a co-worker of mine who plays in an amateur hockey league and was complaining about how much his pads, his skates, his helmet, his…well everything cost him to play. And that’s on top of the membership fee.

I laughed at him and told him that there was nothing cheap about having running as a hobby. He rolled his eyes and said “All you need is a pair of sneakers. And maybe a good sports bra for you, but still. That’s nothing.” When I told him how much my shoes alone cost…he changed his opinion pretty quickly.

That’s when I started thinking about it. Running gear isn’t cheap, not by a long shot. Even when you take super good care of your gear it still breaks down and falls apart after a while. Hitting up the sales to get stuff you use for cheap is hard too – notice that fitness places don’t always seem to put YOUR things on sale.

I live on a budget, and that includes my fitness gear. Here are a few of the things that I use that I adore, that are a bit more reasonable in price than some of the big name brands that you find at your local sports stores.

Champion Brand by Target: I swear by their compression sports bras. They are super tight when you first get them, which is a plus and a minus, but after breaking them in a little bit everything stays comfortably into place. I also own a pair of knee length shorts that I run in by them. The sports bras run about $15 each and the pants start at $18 and go up, but given that a basic sports bra by some of the bigger names starts at almost double that, I’m all about it.

I found these awesome tech shirts at Khols for only $7 each after Christmas only to find out that they carry them year round. They are super soft, funky colored with fun designs, and are dry wicking which is a major deal for any runner out there. If you are near a Khols or like to shop online,  look for TekGear (and look for coupons! Coupons rule!)

Socks are a major purchase. Make sure you get socks made for running by looking on the label. I don’t have a favorite brand, so I look for good deals and sales when I’m looking to replace my old ones. Don’t expect normal socks to do it. Get the right ones! I love the buy 2 get 1 free deal that my running store offers regularly.

Shoes are the only thing I spend full price on…the FIRST TIME. I paid $115 for my new Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 running shoes, but you should look around online for better pricing. Almost every pair except for a few new ones I have purchased through Amazon for significantly cheaper.

Tell me where you get your runner gear, and share the knowledge! 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Running is NOT cheap.

  1. Old Man Winter (@DoctorK4) says:

    That’s good stuff – I’ve been running in some Nike Cross Trainers but if I’m going to get serious, I might need some actual running shoes.

    I also like the C9 (by Champion) brand of tech T-shirts at Target. I also wear them when I go to Disney in the hot, sweaty summer months.

    • jljohnson says:

      You really should spend the money and get fitted for running shoes. I didn’t when I was first running, and spent a year in agony due to plantar faciatis. Getting actual running shoes and save your feet! (Then go on amazon and find them cheaper)

  2. Jules (@mymomsawhackjob) says:

    I love Old Navy’s workout line. They just had everything on sale and I got compression capris for $15 and really cute running tanks for $15. I have been running in their gear for the last year and it is great.

    I got lucky and found my exact shoes that I had worn out on the clearance rack for $25 a few months back. Score!

    • jljohnson says:

      I have a few pieces of Old Navy’s active wear. I have two long sleeved shirts (one black and one neon yellow) and a running jacket from there. They are pretty awesome pieces. Do you like their bottoms? I need new ones.

  3. Kara says:

    Ugh, I’m always overspending on workout gear. I just love Under Armour jogging capris too much to quit them. I dig their workout tees, too, but I’ll definitely look into the tops you mentioned from Kohl’s. As for shoes, though, I firmly believe that if you find a shoe that does right by you (I’m a Mizuno Wave Inspire person, too!), it’s a good idea to shell out the dough for them.

    • jljohnson says:

      Exactly! They save your feet and are totally worth it. If you HAPPEN to find them cheaper elsewhere, then totally get them. I refuse to run in just any old shoe ever again.

  4. Allison L. says:

    Costco!! They have awesome tech gear for sale in their clothing section! I love their shirts, jackets, & pants they sell!

  5. roundtoravishing says:

    I always wore old navy yoga pants or yoga capris to run in and I always would scan the clearance racks for tops to work out in. I will have to check out Kohls for those tech shirts you mentioned. as for shoes I don’t bargain shop too much. I will try on shoes (I don’t deviate from Nike for running and Addidas for other routines) Once I find “the pair” I may go home and google them to see if I can find a better price but if I can’t I just spend the money. It is worth it!

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