Weekly Motivation: January 21, 2013

No photos, no quirky quotes, nothing that is pre-produced if you will. This week, it’s something personal and close to me.

Last night, I was talking to one of my best friends who is currently living out in Los Angeles. She told me that she and a couple of her guy friends have made it a weekly tradition to go up to Runyon and run/walk the mountain/crater/whatever. She told me about how her now ex-boyfriend spent the fifteen minutes she was getting ready berating her, telling her that she was too fat to do anything, that she’d fail this like she failed everything else, and that she could never hike it. She told this to her guy friends, and they motivated her to run the trails up and down the mountain, not including the really unstable portion (I’ve run it, it’s not easy). She said that every time she felt like giving up, the guys helped her find the motivation to continue running, telling her to prove to him and herself that she can do this. It’s been forever since I heard her that excited and proud of herself.

Today, while at work one of the morning show anchors posted about a comment she had received about how she looked on air. This particular anchor is a beautiful person, inside and out, and was infuriated that someone would post something so critical about her appearance. Did they not realize that on air talent has feelings too? She replied back to the woman, and when I went up to tell her that the comment was crap she explained to  me that while she did put on a few pounds, she still was able to wear her own clothes and that she was appalled that someone would find it in themselves to post such cruel words.

And then there is this: A few weeks ago, I was in the break room with a few people from a department that isn’t mine and I commented on her 26.2 sippy cup. You know it was one of those reusable cups with a plastic straw that we all adore. It said “26.2 – I’m crazy!” and I laughed and asked her how many she had run. We got into a good conversation about how she had run one marathon, and will never do it again, and how I’m only half crazy. I think 13.1 is the perfect distance for me. A lady who had walked in to the break room overheard us, and without any provocation proceeded to tell me that the reason I would never be able to do a full marathon was because I was too fat to do so. I explained to her, with exaggerated calm, that I am a runner and I eat healthy and my weight isn’t a concern when it comes to endurance and the ability to run a few races — marathon included. She then told me that I didn’t know anything about weight loss, that if I cared enough about my body and my health I would be doing it right, and stormed out with her protein shake and Snickers energy bar. I was furious. Sure I put some weight on, but I’m also running 15 – 20 miles a week. She had no right to give me hell for that, and thankfully I have friends who said that I shouldn’t pay attention to what they say. I’m doing something that she can’t do: run.

Bottom line, here’s the deal:

1. Surround yourself with people who are strong, POSITIVE forces in your life. Letting someone else bring you down is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

2. Remember – everyone has feelings. Before you say something that might be cruel and hurtful, stop and think how you would feel if someone said those things to you.

3. Most importantly – when in doubt…do everything you can to prove to those idiots that what they say is wrong. Do it strong, do it proudly. It’s the best way to shut people up.

Go find your spark, and make it yours.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Motivation: January 21, 2013

  1. Kat says:

    WOW! I’m glad you are strong enough to see this person’s comments for what they are but saddened that such things still go on.

  2. Ruth Sheldon says:

    I’m glad you didn’t let that co-worker off. There are a lot of “you don’t need that kind of negativity” memes out there, but for me, it’s about people who are sucking joy. We call them “Joy-suckers” and we try to avoid them. I try to encourage people. I was playing baseball with some men and was cheering for the other team as well as my own. The other team won and my team complained that they wouldn’t have won if they didn’t have a cheering section on the opposing team. I shrugged. I dislike negative people. That’s part of the reason I run. You can’t exercise, build endorphins and then be miserable! it’s impossible!
    You are amazing, Jamie. I’m sorry those things got said to you and to your friends, but you gotta be like a dog in this case, shake it off, kick some dirt over that crap and move on. 🙂 or in our case, Run on!

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