It’s a Food Thing – part 2

Food is so important, isn’t it? We want to eat something that tastes good but is also healthy for us. We get mad when things we want – soda, pancakes, wheat flour tortillas – are not good for you. I’m well aware at how frustrating all this can be, and am always looking for a variety of different answers that could lead to good eats (I love Alton Brown) as well as healthy eats.

And good, clean healthy eats is what I’m looking for.

I was able to stock up on some gluten free products when I went grocery shopping on Sunday morning. I got some quinoa pasta, gluten free pizza crusts and brown rice tortillas. I’ve had the pasta and the pizza crusts for a while, but the tortillas are new. Publix has gotten in some new gluten free swag so I’m curious about trying all of it. I also got my hands on some quinoa to try from the Jewish section of the store (which I frequent, being Jewish and all…hey! Some foods there are yummy!!)

Since giving up a lot of my gluten foods, I have felt better. I’m not as bloated and uncomfortable, and I feel lighter. I do, however, miss bread. I have been craving a sub from Publix like it’s nobodies business, and if you are near a Publix, you’d understand. They make some of the most amazing breads and subs in the world. But I’m trying to be a trooper and keep my diet right so I can feel good.

I started eating gluten free after a trip to the nutritionist. I was complaining about not being able to lose weight while eating healthy, and that I felt like I constantly had issues in my stomach. After keeping a diary of my eating for a week or two, we were able to pinpoint the probable cause. Slowly, I started eliminating gluten from my diet, and when I don’t have any I feel fantastic. But it’s so incredibly hard because it’s found in so many different things that you just wouldn’t think about. It’s more than breads and pasta, it’s also in gravy and certain candies, and even drinks!

I try to stick to potatoes and rice as my starches, and eat more meats and veggies than anything else. My usual go to is rice. I make Brian stuffing, and I make myself some rice. I love corn meal too. I use it as a breading for fish and chicken, I  make corn meal muffins and english muffins and eat those. I also eat a lot of yogurt to help digestion stay regular.

Are you gluten free? What are some of your favorite gluten free meals? I want to learn more so I can broaden my dietary horizons!

2 thoughts on “It’s a Food Thing – part 2

  1. Jules (@mymomsawhackjob) says:

    I follow the Paleo lifestyle, so no gluten, grains, refined sugars or dairy. The only gluten / grain I consume is beer, which I shouldn’t but I don’t care. My down fall is the sugar, the rest of it doesn’t bother me. I was craving a sub one day, went in and got one and immediately ate everything inside the bread. Just habit. When I do splurge and eat a pizza or something my stomach rejects it. I feel better and have more energy. Such a huge difference. has some great gluten free bread recipes.

    • jljohnson says:

      I keep hearing a lot about the paleo diet. I’m not sure I could stick to it, but I’m going to do more research on it and see what I can do to change. My diet habits are super weird given my picky eating habits and my food allergies. Thanks, yo!

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