Runs With Migraines = Giveaway!

I told you last month when I did the Swag Bags that I would have more giveaways for you, and I wasn’t lying. I am going to try and do one giveaway a month, and each item I give away is an item that I use myself. This month’s giveaway is really important to me, and is brought to you by iFitness.

It’s no secret – I run with migraines. I hate them, they make me miserable, and it’s just a pain in the ass to try and run with them. I do try anyway, and I know that’s stupid. Idiotic, even. 🙂

When I first started running, I used a really cheap, unreliable belt that was purple. I loved it because it was purple, but other than that, it did little to help. Trying to carry a cell phone, gels, and my emergency migraine meds with me in that small thing was a joke. All of which, I believe, were necessary for me to go and run. Over time, I got a new phone (yay iPhone!) and started to run with it locked tight in an otter box, and stuffed into my bra, along with my Maxalts. Not ideal, at all.

427880_284188561683191_279997668_nSo, earlier last year on the way down to the Princess Half, Kat pointed out that the place that she got her fantastic running belt would be at the expo. I had fallen in love with her iFitness Ultimate II belt and had talked about getting one myself for a while. I was just waiting for the right time to order it online. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait! After picking up our packets, we made our way around the expo and I found their booth. I spent less than 5 minutes talking to the lady behind the table before buying one.

I wear that belt everywhere. You’ve seen my pictures, you know I’ve worn it! It’s a fantastic belt that I wear 564768_284183658350348_1400542075_nboth during races and during training runs. It has a small pocket on the side that I use to stash my key, as well as some Tylenol (or pain away that Dreamboat brings home), it has 5 slots to stash gels in, and the front pocket is big enough for me to put my iPhone – otter box and all – into it without trouble. The big pocket also has a little slot in the back of it to stash an ID, cash, or credit/debit cards as well.

One of the slots that is made for gels actually holds one of my Maxalts. I literally keep it on me at all times, especially during runs, and it has helped me tremendously. During the Tri 2b Tuff series last year, 2 of the 3 half marathons ended in me slamming down a Maxalt to prevent a migraine. Horrible! But had I  not had a place to stash it in my belt, it could have been significantly worse.

The belt is also super reflective! I love that since I do a lot of my running at night. It’s comfortable to wear as well. 255369_10151040571355975_1101762207_nI’ve been wearing it over my tutus when I run, and have just recently taken to wearing it under them, because it helps poof the front of my tutus out a bit so I ‘m not fighting the tulle as I run. It’s adjustable so I can make it larger for when I need it to be bigger, and smaller for a more snug fit. It doesn’t bounce around much and fits great at my waist as well as along my hips.

It’s practically all waterproof! Seriously! When I run I douse myself with water as well as drink it, and I have never had a problem with my phone inside the front pouch. And since I take my phone with me everywhere, that’s a huge deal. I have even run in the rain, and never had an issue with my phone getting wet.

It also has two little toggles on the bottom to hold your race number, as you can see in the above picture from the Princess Half 2012. If you wear it with a tutu, I highly recommend pinning it to the tulle in front, because it has a habit of flying up thanks to the tulle. But without it, it fits perfectly!

So, now that I have completely  bored you to death about how  much I absolutely love this belt, how would you like to win one? I’m serious! iFitness is willing to give one of my readers the Ultimate Runner II belt, the very same one I have! Here’s what you need to do:

Go to Facebook, and LIKE iFitness page, and post a comment saying that Idiot Runner Girl sent you: iFitness

Got to Idiot Runner Girl on Facebook and LIKE the page!

Comment below and tell me why YOU should win!

The contest will run until next Wednesday, and the winner will be contacted by iFitness directly. That way, you can pick out the color you want! I’m so excited to give this product away and hope you love it as much as I do!



29 thoughts on “Runs With Migraines = Giveaway!

  1. curlygirlsavings says:

    First off, this is an awesome giveaway! I would love to win this belt. I too suffer from migraines and I am a mother to a 6 month old. Even when I leave the house on my own I still have to carry the world with me just in case an emergency happens, whether it be an injury, migraine/headache, or important phone call that can’t be missed. This belt sounds amazing and would truly come in handy. 🙂

  2. Brooklyn Runner Girl says:

    Hiya Jamie. I am lucky to already like both you and iFitness on Facebook. I swear by them. They were my first running belt and I run every single training run and race with that belt. I have always wanted to buy the Ulitmate belt for longer runs and races for the gel loops and toggles, but I never had the extra cash to do so, it would be awesome to win the belt. Very cool giveaway, and please take care of yourself xo

  3. Kelley Warner says:

    I would LOVE an awesome running belt, it would really help me reach my goals! As my runs are getting longer and stronger, I’m having trouble keeping my needs tucked into my waistband and sports bra! If I had this amazing belt I would be more confident and streamlined while I hit the pavement!

  4. tootallfritz says:

    I already like iFitness (Amanda Fritz Carey), I liked your page (not sure why I hadn’t before, sorry!), and I would LOVE to win this belt! I’ve been looking at it for a while. 🙂

  5. Shannon S says:

    I have been looking at this belt for weeks!!! I have been keep my poor phone tucked into my sport bra! : ) Do you have the iPhone 5? I was wondering how it fits in the belt! Thanks!

  6. Pamela Schwarz says:

    I actually think a lot of people would need this belt more than me but what I want the belt for is to give to my daughter. She will be turning 15 on January 27th and running/walking her first ever (but hopefully not last!) half marathon in Galveston. We have been training together and will attempt her first half together. I think it would be great for her to start building up her own running gear!

  7. Joy Balka says:

    Last year I saw this belt at the Disney Princess Half Marathon expo. I really wanted it, but did not buy it. I have wanted it ever since and have told all my running friends about it. Would love to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon with it this year!

  8. kenneth clostio says:

    not only good for running but its good when you vsit a city. nothing can get stolen or fall out of it, thats why i need it.

  9. gelcys says:

    Congratulations on being a runner! Even running with migraines bc im one of those too! Your an inspiration! Good job! I also have to run w gels water meds and my phone but i also have no where to put all that. I put my phone in an armband wrapped in a bag so my sweat doesn affect it and i stick my headache meds in there too. I carry my gels and water in my hands..Its very uncomfortable. Ive always wanted an ifitness belt but cant afford it. 😦

  10. disneywithchildren says:

    I would love to win one as I have been lusting after them. I am impressed that you can run with migraines. I am thankful I found your blog, and read your post because I just realized I should definitely run with migraine medication!

  11. Gloria says:

    I think you should pick me because like yourself, I run no matter what hurts…Seriously!!! It seems to give me a sense of….I know I can do this.
    I’ve even ran a half marathon with my IT band blown out….

  12. charene Whorton says:

    I need a running belt desperately bad. I’m midway marathon training and about to start carrying supplements and more water. Need a belt bad. I have tried others, but have not found anything that I’ve been happy with. Saw someone in a race recently that had one of these and it looks awesome!!

  13. Old Man Winter (@DoctorK4) says:

    Stumbled upon your site looking for information and reviews on the iFitness Ultimate II. I’m also starting (very early) research on the Disney Half for 2014. I’ve gotten back into running after a long absence and have never used one of those belts before, but they look like a perfect solution to my problem. Thanks for “running” this giveaway!

  14. Dani K says:

    I’m not able to say that I *should* win over anyone else, but if I do, my iFitness Belt would get used several times a week. I’m a new runner transitioning from distance walking and I could really use the advantage of having a lightweight solution for holding all my stuff. Plus, I can’t wait to attach my half marathon number to it! So much nicer than pins! Thanks to you and iFitness for the opportunity!

  15. Mechelle Kuchar says:

    I am recovering from back surgery 8 hours ago and this belt would help me return to running asap by carrying all the stuff I don’t normally carry because of concerns about running post-surgery. I can’t wait to get back out there! Run on 🙂

  16. Tiffany McDonald says:

    Oh man! I went for a run this morning and put my key in my bra. I was going to tie it to my shirt and then I was wondering what if I lost it? Then I’m jogging along and was like “what if I needed a sip of water?”

    Luckily, my max so far is 3.5 miles but I totally need something that won’t interfere with my newly formed running habits so I can stay hydrated and lubricated and whatever else needs to happen so I keep on trotting along 🙂

  17. Ashleigh How says:

    I hope I win! My friend probably has forgotten I have her running belt, because I’ve had it for over a year training for 2 half marys and 2 Gate River Runs, but, I’d love to return it to her when I win the iFitness belt! It will be quite the upgrade from her 1 pocket belt!

  18. Stephanie Hierro Mueller says:

    I’m a newbie runner, and I’ve been looking for a running belt. I’ve bought a few and returned them. They just weren’t right. This one looks GREAT!! I plan to run a race each month in 2013, and I want to bring a camera along to capture each one. This belt would be perfect! 😉

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