IRG’s Wish List

Funny thing happened just a second ago. I’m chatting with my buddy Eric about running tonight, and he said to me that he doesn’t like to run the bridges by himself in the dark. Which is valid, it does get dark. I then replied that I didn’t mind it so long as I have my flashies with me. Which got me thinking…I need more of them.

And by  more, I mean fun flashies that I need to buy, not get in my race packets as freebies. Like the cool one Kat has that wraps around her arm, or the funky one that Tiffany has that rotates colors (like blue, red, green, yellow)

And that got me thinking…there are a lot of cool running related things that I really want. I don’t usually let myself pick up fun running gear, because I don’t think that I need it as much as I probably do. But, here’s the deal – sometimes you WANT things and that’s okay!

So here is IRG’s running Wish List: 313Gx9fm+WL._SS500_Runner girl cup. In purple, or the blue. Why? Because I love these kinds of reusable cups, and this one says RUNNER GIRL. That’s why. All I need to do is add “Idiot” on the top of it and it’d be perfect! 🙂 It’s 20 bucks on Amazon.

Flashy velcro lights to add to my body when running at night. Why? Because in Florida, people don’t know how to drive, 316oYmORZrL._SS400_and I’m tired of almost getting hit by cars. Having a yellow velcro reflective & flashing lights armband would be perfect. This one is only $7 (cheap!!) on Amazon

Vedante Super Refelctive Pop bands – these things are pretty cool.  They are super reflective and are like slap bracelets, and how is that not fun?

412-fBxxJJL._SS360_BONDI BANDS! I love these things, and they have some fantastic new ones. Seriously. I want one that says Idiot Runner Girl, and I want one that is the new mini braid, and they have wrist bands too. Perfect. These things are super dry wick and are great for hot runs. I want more than the three

I love the Champion brand compression bras, and would LOVE to have more of them. I also love their pants, tights, and shorts. Seriously. I only have a few of the bras, one pair of tights, and one pair of shorts…and I would love to have more of them. They are amazing.

I really want to try these. Compression sleeves for your shins as well as for your arms. I’m not entirely sure if they will be 31VMtL+K2TL._SS360_helpful, but I want to try them out and see what it would be like. Plus, it’s running gear and I just want it. I know that my running store has them there, but not in purple! (are you seeing a trend?)

I also want a Garmin. I have wanted one for a long time now, and I just wish I could get the finances to get one. They are so expensive! I did tell Brian that when we start looking into having kids it will be a necessity (one WITH the heart rate monitor) because I plan on running during my pregnancies unless the doctor tells me now…But yeah. I really really want a Garmin.

There are a bunch of other little things that I want that are frivolous things, and I’m okay with that. I think having a bunch of runner gear can be fun and entertaining. I love obnoxious stuff and running gear is sometimes like that.

What is on your runner’s wish list? 🙂


2 thoughts on “IRG’s Wish List

  1. Jules (@mymomsawhackjob) says:

    I love the Bondi Band that I recieved from you and definitely want more! Love that they have sayings on them. Makes it even better. I just got compression sleeves for my shins and tried to run in them and got cramps, so now I just wear them right after a run and wow, huge difference in my cramp and recovery! I even wore them to a concert knowing I would be on my feet all night, no swelling!

    I run early in the dark morning and should invest in some lighted bands or something, think I will look into that.

  2. Brooklyn Runner Girl says:

    Agreed on the Champion gear I love their C9 brand and could always use more stuff from them. I also am interested in compression sleeves for my shins. Good list you got here my dear.

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