My apple isn’t a cupcake…

Today, I had an apple for a snack instead of the cupcake that was given to me in celebration of our Morning Show weather guy’s birthday. It was white cake with cream cheese frosting. I pretended the apple was a cupcake. Then – Sweets by Holly, a local cupcakery, dropped off THREE DOZEN mini cupcakes. Sweets by Holly is known for their gluten free cupcakes, and had one been in there, I would have eaten it.

For lunch, I had a salad with romaine lettuce mixed in with my fresh spring mix. Sharp cheddar cheese, portabella mushrooms, and light honey mustard dressing. I also had gluten free ginger snap cookies. I wanted another hamburger (I’m on a red meat kick) and pretended that it was a juicy cheeseburger.

This whole eating healthy thing is not easy.funnycartoon12

I don’t like the word “diet” or “dieting” because dieting means restricting and restricting means binging and binging means feeling bad and that’s just not cool. Having a little bit of your favorite “bad” foods from time to time is a great way of keeping you from doing too much and feeling miserable. That is, of course, unless you are drunk or hungover. Then a McDonald’s meal is AMAZING.

I’ve been really bad as of late with my eating habits, and I’m really trying hard to change that, but it takes time. Every try to quit something cold turkey? It ends up being all you can think about or talk about or crave and then BOOM: you end up eating an entire half gallon of ice cream in one sitting before you know it. It’s not healthy, physically or emotionally.

So I’m making smaller changes. Salads for lunch again, less soda and more water, eating breakfast. It’s not easy when you are used to eating whatever you want and not care about the consequences, like I did when I was on the meds that stole my appetite. Now, I need to pay closer attention.

How do I keep myself in line when there is an endless supply of junk food? I keep almonds and mints at my desk, and I bring yogurt and apples with me when I leave home. I make my own trail mix and snack on that. Mio is great with water, and some has caffeine in it! I make the conscious choice to do better, and remember that if I mess up and eat a cheese burger, the world isn’t going to end.

(I told you, I’m on a red meat kick)

While I don’t have a specific weight I want to get back down to, I do know that my jeans are snug and I don’t like it. As soon as they fit again, I know I’ll be happy. I’m not looking to drop so much weight I don’t remember how to have fun, because I like to eat. I like to drink. I like to have fun. Instead, I want to lose enough to feel comfortable and confident and I think that’s why my plan will work.

Are you on the road to healthier eating? What are you doing differently?


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