Running Year in Review

I totally meant to post this yesterday, the final day of 2012. But truth be told – I was distracted. I ran the Vystar Gator Bowl 5k in the morning, then spent the afternoon with one of my bestest friends in the entire world, and then went to another friends house to celebrate the new year. I scarfed a ton of food, drank way too much Gummi Vodka and Gatorade and blacked out by 1:30am. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate the new year, considering the past few years I’ve missed them from working nightside.

So now that I’ve totally called myself out on being a slob – I did eat the best ham EVER, and some of the most amazing mashed potatoes – Here is my 2012 running year in review.

According to DailyMile – I ran 606.89 miles from January to December 2012, which is way more than I had thought I had run. I ran the most miles in February (79 miles) and the least amount of miles in June (29 miles). I ran 4 half marathons, which is a big thing for me. My time is 119 hours, and my average “feeling” is good. It makes me happy to see that on there, because I most certainly thought I did significantly less than that.

That means, since I started running 2 years ago…THIS is my average:


Kind of exciting.

I’ve run some races, and missed others due to injuries and/or sickness. I spent way too much time last year sick or injured. Part of it was from the meds I was on for my migraines, but part of it was also from just not taking care of myself like I need to. Over-training, skipping meals, not taking vitamins consistently, things like that.

This year, I plan on doing things a bit smarter. Not harder, but smarter. With my new hours (7:30am-4:30pm Tues – Fri, 2am-11am Sat) I should be able to get a consistent workout regime in. And for the next few weeks, it looks like I am not going to be producing outside of my Saturday mornings so I have a chance to really get into a good solid habit. I’m also going to try Fitocracy and MyFitnessPal again. Fitocracy is new but I’ve done MyFitnessPal before. I’m not sure how I feel about counting calories, but I’m willing to give it one more shot.

So – goals?

* Train smarter, not harder. Faster times come from smarter workouts. Speed work, tempo runs, the whole deal.
* Do more than just run. Like continue doing the stairs, and add in strength training.
* In with the positive, out with the negative.

Yeah, it’s really just that. I want to be better, period. Maybe it’s the exhaustion and the hangover talking, but it’s genuinely what I want. To be better.

What are your new goals for the new year?

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