Sometimes…I fail at life.

I think it’s just going to be a known fact that right before a mega important race — my life is going to go crazy. My schedule will get screwed up, or my routine will be messed up, or something major will happen which will cause me to not be as focused on fitness and my eating.

Can I get some normalcy for Christmas, please?

I was going to run on Monday – but was feeling so ill it was ridiculous. I had a migraine from hell and my body wasn’t responding well to the medications. I was exhausted and just feeling beaten up. So I said screw it, I’m not running.

I was going to run on Tuesday. I got out of work early, since my schedule has changed this week, and I knew that I was going to have to be in bed by 8pm. But when I finally got home after a rough day at work, I didn’t feel like it. So instead, I ran the stairs. I did something right?

I was going to run Wednesday. I even brought my stuff with me and had a friend meet me at the station so I could run. Only to find out that it was rainy AND I forgot my contacts. I love running in the rain, I hate running in my glasses and I did not want to run in the rain in my glasses. Dangerous all around so instead, Tiffany and I went to Tijuana  Flatts for lunch. Which I had tacos. Which meant I had to wait before I could run or risk throwing up all over the place. Then later, when I got home, I was so focused on getting more Christmas presents done, that before I knew it, it was already 6pm. I had to be in bed at 8pm. To be at work at 4:30 am. Damn.

I was going to run today. I even brought my stuff with me AGAIN to work. Running the bridges. But at 4am I forgot to bring lunch with me, and then I realized it was Channel 4’s Christmas Day and Oooh! Look! Meatballs! And I have to be back at 4pm for the mocktail party because I promised I would be, and then it’s Corri’s grand opening of her photography business and I said I’d be there since I haven’t seen her since college, and….sigh.

I am an ace at making excuses.

I got to thinking about why this year is so much different than last year, and I realized that I was so dedicated to my running and fitness last year that I missed out on a lot of other things. I could blow off the mocktail party and the grand opening to get 5 miles in…but the truth is I really do want to go to them. And I know I have a half on Sunday. I feel like I should be running more so I can be set for that, but honestly…I just don’t want to right now.

I want to go drink fake cocktails with my friends, then celebrate with Corri with her grand opening, and then come home, put PJs on and finish wrapping presents and then tomorrow when I get off of work at 1pm tomorrow, I want to meet a new friend at Starbucks to chat and I want to come home and just be normal for a little bit.

I know that this will change. This year hasn’t been kind to me by any means, and I am aware of how my fitness, my body, and my health has suffered from it. But it’s okay to be social and all once in a while.

I promise I won’t complain too much when I blow my half on Sunday.


One thought on “Sometimes…I fail at life.

  1. CJV says:

    Sometimes it’s simply impossible to balance life. The important thing is that, when this happens, you can smile and go along for the ride with the knowledge that sooner or later balance will be restored yet again. Hang in there. It’s coming. 🙂

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