SWAG BAG Countdown!!

You only have hours left to comment on THIS blog for a chance to win the rocking swag bag I’ve been able to put together. You read the reviews about the GU, the Bondi Bands and the Polar Bottles.



Here is a bit more information on what else is in there!


Clearly In Focus Photography has pitched in a cherry chapstick (anyone else wanna burst into song here?) for your lips happiness. Who has run and finished with painful lips or nips? This stuff is rocking for it. I have one in my car, in my purse, at my desk and in my gym bag. PLUS – it reminds you to smile right on the package!


Biofreeze samples! I first discovered Biofreeze while going to a chiropractor back in college. He smeared it on me before my adjustment and it’s like IcyHot…only without the hot, and it’s better. The coolness lingers for hours, and it relaxes strained and tight muscles. I use it on my neck still, but have found myself also using it on my hips and lower back too. Fantastic stuff.

Sweat towel. It’s just a white cotton towel, nothing special. Right? Well, that’s until you are scouring around to find one to mop your head or lay on your seat before getting in the car. Don’t under estimate the value of a towel!

“Shut Up and Run!” music CD: Okay, I’m a music whore. I’m not gonna lie, I’m not going to pretend I”m not. I have over 500 CDs and easily thousands of hours of music saved on my computer. I have almost 70 CD’s in my car, and yes – I’ve gotten annoyed because I couldn’t find anything to listen to. I categorize my music depending on my mood. I have a meloncholy mix, a dance mix, a angry mix and more…And I also have a Shut Up and Run mix. Which has 390 songs on it. Here are 19 of them.


I am actually about to go to bed. (Yes. 6:30 is my bed time on Fridays. I have to be at work at 2am on Saturdays. I bet you thought working in TV was all fun and games huh? 🙂 ) That being said – I will accept comments until MIDNIGHT tonight. Any comment after midnight will NOT BE COUNTED!

On Saturday, I will post a video picking the three winners! So go get your comments in! GOOD LUCK!


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