Review: Polar Bottle

Staying hydrated is an essential part of working out and running is no exception. I have a nasty habit of sweating horribly when I run, finishing with my face tight with the leftover salt, my skin feeling sticky and gritty. It’s a million times worse in the summer when the heat creeps up to well over 100 degrees here in Florida.

Usually when I run, I stash water bottles refilled with either water or Gatorade in order to find and replenish my fluids from. I’ve also borrowed bottles from friends, ones that strap on to my hand or my belt in order to keep from falling away.

On the hunt for the perfect bottles to go into the Swag Bags, I stumbled up on the website for Polar Bottles and was skeptical at first. I’m a bit of a bottle snob, and while these bottles looked super cute, I wasn’t sure if they were functional.

I used one during my 9 mile training run, and was very much impressed. Now that bottle goes with me everywhere. 



See?! Aren’t they super cute!?

Polar Bottle is a company that started back in 1994. Robert Heiberger and Judy Amabile founded Product Architects, Inc. (Polar Bottle) from a garage in Boulder, CO. As avid cyclists, they were seeking a better way to keep liquids cool during long rides. Robert – who happened to be a mechanical engineer with experience working with heat loss in the field of medical technology design – was able to adapt his expertise to create these amazing bottles.

While it was initially designed for the cycling and sports industry, its popularity has extended into other markets, reflecting the public’s increased recognition of the value of hydration. Which, as runners, we know is hella important!


The bottles are made of low-density polyehtylene (LDPE) plastic #4, which is a material that is durable and super lightway. It also complies with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008. Score, right? It comes in 12, 20, and 24 ounce varieties and has amazingly awesome designs to choose from. Or you can just go with a plain color!

All bottles are designed to keep fluids cold twice as long as conventional plastic bottles, and don’t contain BPAs or Phthalates and are non leaching. That makes them super safe.


Another thing that is awesome? Just like with Bondi Band, Polar Bottles give back to the community. This was taken from their website,

Polar Bottle is as committed to being active and engaged in our community as we are to making quality products. We attend events both locally and nationally every year in order to support and engage the fans and community. We donate bottles to anything from local events to charitable causes to organizations around the country.


When I used the bottle on my 9 miler, the thing that I noticed first was the awesome grip. There are indentations on the bottle for two ways of grabbing it, and it felt comfortable in my hand while running. It also has a fantastic little loop that allowed me to link it into my belt so I could tuck it against me for when I needed my hands free (pesky bugs).

And it really does keep the liquids cold. My 9 mile route is 7ish miles one way, cross in front of the entrance to my condo, then go a few more miles the opposite direction. I had the bottle filled with ice water at the start of the run, and when I reached the 7.34 mile mark (in front of the condo) the bottle still had some ice in it and the water was icy cold. And that was roughly an hour and a half later!

I used the bottle again when I ran the stairs outside my building. I filled it up again with ice water and then hooked it on my front door. As I ran the stairs, I stopped from time to time to grab it and take a drink. Squeezing it so the water poured out of it easily was cake; no tough plastic kept me from my fluids.

Since I received the bottle, I’ve used it every day. I even got Brian liking it enough for him to consider purchasing one for himself!

Throw in the super cute designs they have available, the variety of sizes, and the fact that they are super safe for you to use, I consider this product a win. I also see myself purchasing more of them, and ditching my other, lesser bottles. I have my eye set on a few of the funky designs,!


Inside each of the Swag Bags you will find ONE of the above shown bottles, minus t he one that says POLAR. I kept that one for myself. These bottles are so awesome, though, that you are going to want to hit up the site and purchase more for yourself and everyone else! I promise!

So, how can you win a Swag Bag? I have three to give away you know! Just head over to THIS post, and leave a comment to let me know you are interested! Bags are being given away tomorrow, so don’t miss out!

Good Luck!!



3 thoughts on “Review: Polar Bottle

  1. Adeline Bash says:

    Thanks Jamie for the review!

    You have inspired us to attempt a nine-mile run. I’ll let you know how it goes. Keep up the great writing. I plan to check back to this blog regularly from now.

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