Review: Bondi Band!

I sweat a lot when I run. It’s annoying and gross, but it’s true. I also sweat a lot on my head. My cotton head bands always sucked up the water, but they also go so heavy, that it felt like I had a weight belt on my head. Add that to my migraine issues, and let’s be real – it’s disaster waiting to happen.

Then, at the Gate River Run expo about four years ago when I first started to run — I found the Bondi Band. And I’ve been hooked ever since!!


I love Bondi Bands for a variety of reasons:

One, they are stretchy. It’s not tight against my head, which eliminates the whole pinching of the base of  my skull. That’s part of my migraine issues, for those who didn’t know. I love how they are like that. Also, they are WIDE. Which  means I can have them hold all of my hair and fly-aways out of my face! It’s fantastic!

Two, the material is totally breathable, and I swear it’s dry-wick. It keeps all of the sweat out of my face and it never gets heavy from it! They are fantastic! I can tear it off of my head after a run, wring out the sweat, and then put it back on and not worry about it causing any real problems! Also, I don’t get break outs from wearing them like I have in some other ones.

Three, the company is what I call a good faith company. What does that mean? It means they look out for people and are all about philanthropy. Each year, they donate 10% of their pretax profits to charity. Last year, the money went to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. I haven’t seen who is getting their donation this year, but it doesn’t matter. The fact that they do the donation is amazing, and makes me proud to wear the product.



Bondi Band has plenty of different products on their site, and you can also have some designed for you! Charlie, a close friend of mine, had some designed for her that would allow her to honor her late mother. I don’t have a photo of it, but knowing how she geeked out about it…it’s awesome. She also said that the company was happy to work with her in adjusting the design after they realized how the original wouldn’t work well.

They have such great items other than headbands too: compression products, hats, sweat towels, even stuff for babies! I have already made myself a list of products I want to purchase to add to my running gear like the new braided skinnybands, the wicking ponytail hat, and a buddies bandanna for my Labrador Hocus! 🙂

Looking for holiday gifts for the active member of your family? Check out their savings page for some steals and deals! (anyone who wants to get me the 13.1 stuff, you know where to find me for an address!!)




In the IRG Swag Bag, you’ll get ONE Bondi Band to try out for yourself. The photo above shows you the bands that were sent to me: who knows which one you will get! I swear by these headbands and think that you will adore them as well!

How do you win? You leave a comment HERE on this blog! On Friday evening, I’ll post a video that will show me picking the three winners!

Good luck!!


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