Race Recap: Suburu Half Marathon

I’m so behind on everything. I feel like everything is just falling apart, but I’m bound and determined to get caught up again. As for recaps, I’m going to skip ahead to the race I just did. The Thanksgiving Day Suburu Half Marathon!


I didn’t run this one last year, but instead did the 6k because Dreamboat and I were doing the Space Coast half instead. This year, we had family coming into town to celebrate Thanksgiving with us so we chose to do this one instead.

The day started out really cold. All I could think about was the race magazine I was reading the night before telling me not to do anything differently on race day so that things are familiar  and what did I do? I changed my clothes. Instead of the biker shorts or the bermuda style shorts I had been wearing, I switched to my tights, and I dug out a laced up brown tank instead of my usual tank tops. In the back of my head I kept thinking “this is stupid” but I needed something warmer and that matched my tutu!

Anyway, we got there early like we always did and sat in the car until it was time to get prepared. I refused to put a shirt or sweater on and got out into the freezing cold weather for Florida and started to gear up. Number pinned on, tutu pulled on, belt gelled up and on, sunglasses on my head for later when the sun came up…I was set.

By the time we got done going to the bathroom, I realized I had left my watch in the car. Brian and I got into a pissing contest about it (“I remembered all my gear” he said….), and long story short I didn’t go back and get it. Whatever. There were clocks on the route, I’ll survive. Brian signed up for the 6k due to some knee issues so I was running the half by myself.

I started the race with Tiffany who had to tell me time and again to slow my ass down in the beginning. We hit the water stops and there was some kids handing out bottles of water at one point that both Tiffany and I adored because it was water we could carry with us. She did a good job keeping up with me, but then told me to go on my way. I hated doing it but she knew I had a time to beat, so I took off after dropping off the half full bottle of water at a mailbox.

Come mile 6, the worst started. I felt that familiar pain slowly start to throb at the back of my head. I slowed to a walk and pressed my soaked hair against my head, and the coolness of it felt good. The throbbing dulled and I started to run again, but no longer than just at a quarter mile did it start again. Cursing under my breath, I slowed again. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Kat, IRG, and Tiffany!By mile 11, I felt it grow significantly. At this point it turned into a sharp pain that seemed to keep pace with my heart beat. I had to slow my pace a lot because I didn’t want to black out at the end of the race like I had during last years Jax Bank, last December. Brian met up with me and was encouraging me to go go go, but it hurt so bad! I snapped at him toward the end (“you didn’t run the half, let me do this!”) and tried to make it through to the end. After crossing the finish line, I accepted my medal and my water, I stepped aside to catch my breath, and immediately pulled out my Maxalt and took it right there in the finishers corral.

“Are you alright? Do you need assistance?” one of the EMT’s standing there asked me as he saw me bend over a bit. I shook my head, mumbling about my migraine. I don’t know who he was, but he helped me get out of the way and opened my Maxalt for me.

Mister Man – THANK YOU, you will never know how much I appreciated the help.

I stumbled around looking for Brian, and ran into Eric. This was his second half, and he finished in record time! I’m so proud of him! He started seriously running this year, and is doing great. Brian found us afterward, and then we waited for Tiffany to cross. I found her as she got close and started to yell for her to finish strong, migraine be damned.

At the end of it all, I did shave 2 minutes off of my fastest half time (yes, Tiffany and Kat – I’m aware that it’s a PR, even if it’s not what I wanted time wise) and Tiff shaved 4 minutes off her time. I know that Kat did a fantastic job too, but I don’t know her time because she was gone by the time we finished. So it sounds like all of us that ran the half, PR’d! YAY!!

For the Jax Bank half: I will be cutting back on the 2x caffeine gels and see if that helps my head. I’ll do the 1x caffeine and some without just to push me forward. I don’t know if that had anything to do with the migraine or not, but it’s worth a shot right?

I finished in 2:40:12….and am hoping for 2:36 in December!


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