Running and Your Brain…and Migraines

When I stumbled over this image I thought a few things.

One: my brain is never that calm just sitting quietly. I’m always thinking!

Two: why did the green part in the front of the person’s face shift sides? Is it because the right side is more creative?

And Three: that red spot? That’s exactly where my migraines are when they get really bad. Well, it’s closer to my neck, but still. So how is it that running doesn’t trigger a migraine for me?

Okay, so maybe I’m feeling a little biased about this one because I’m on day 6 of my latest migraine that has left me feeling ill in a million different ways. It almost has me wanting to change the name of the blog from Idiot Runner Girl to Runs with Migraines. Seriously, I feel like it is all getting way out of control.

I had a long conversation with Brian about it, and because my emotions sky rocket when I’m not feeling good I ended up snapping at him. I should know better, he’s been watching me fight these migraines for almost 10 years (whoa…10 years!?) and it’s not like he doesn’t know what to look for or how to spot the onset of one. I also know that he loves me dearly, isn’t looking to replace me, and puts up with my shit so OBVIOUSLY the man loves me. (I know you are reading this. This is my very public apology for that melt down. I love you!)

Reality is – My migraines are very much an active part of my life that are not under control. What I can control? My running (and my eating, but that’s another post) and sometimes I feel like there my migraines control that as well. It’s horrible! I hate it. Topamax, you are seriously being reconsidered.

ANYWAY – the questions I posed early are still very much out there, and I would love any advice you readers (if there are any of you out there!) might have. Thoughts on how this might work, or why it is working? I don’t get it! Any advice would be fantastic.

Thank in advance!


3 thoughts on “Running and Your Brain…and Migraines

  1. starpulp says:

    I’m sorry I offer no advice. I can relate somewhat just after dealing with my horrible allergies this past spring. They’ve never ever been that bad, and I’m constantly worried if/when they’re going to pop back up. They were so bad I haven’t even made any plans for the spring (trips, vacations etc). I imagine this is simikar to what you feel with the migranes. Hang in there. It can be frustrating. While we’re all dealing with our own crap, you’re not alone!

    • jljohnson says:

      Thank you! It’s so hard to function with these migraines. I’ve gotten a call into my doctor, and she wants to wait to try some new over the counter herbal remedies that have shown some awesome results before considering going back on the Topamax.

      Thanks for being so supportive! 🙂 I appreciate it more than you know!

  2. Candace says:

    I have been there . I was on topamax for two years and zipsor and tramadol . I took matters in my own hands went and saw an acupuncturist and started an exercise program and didn’t have one for a year it was wonderful .i did 10 sessions , they are starting to creap back up so I’m going back to ten sessions . I’ve been off my meds for 2years now . I take Tylenol or aspirin if I have one now. Hope this helps

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