Cleaning My Eating: Update

While talking with my dreamboat husband Brian, I mentioned how I had been posting on here about how I am desperately trying to clean my eating up.

“I mentioned about dropping the gluten and cutting back on the soda and just trying to clean it all up, and some of my readers responded with some awesome ideas of gluten free carbs,” I said, stuffing a huge forkful of salad into my mouth while we sat at Newk’s.

“Did you tell them that you went through a case of Coke in two weeks?” he asked, his tone accusing. I glared at him, instantly defensive.

“I didn’t!” I snapped.

“You’re right, I had two of them,” he said, placating me.

“And Ashley had some! I didn’t drink the entire thing by myself!” I practically growled.

“You should tell your followers about your addiction to soda,” he said, as he watched me pick up my large, pink cup full of Coke.

“Maybe I will!” I said, angerly.

………………..hey followers. I’m addicted to soda.

Okay, so maybe he has a point. I do drink a lot of soda. I would drink it for every meal, repeatedly. I adore Vanilla Coke out of a fountain, and usually get it in the largest cup I can find at my local Gate station (it’s a gas station here in Florida) and that helps me get through my overnight drama.

I know that it has a ton of sugar in it. I know that it has a ton of empty calories. I know that it’s most likely one of the least healthy drinks I could have. I know that it’s only part of my dietary problems, but I think I need to give up soda. I don’t want to give up soda. I told Kat that on Monday when I ran with her that I don’t want to give up soda. I know I need to cut back, but give it up entirely? I did that once and stuck to it for a few months, but one slip-up and I was right back to the beginning.

Kat’s idea was to cut it to my overnight’s only. Get a large one when I’m on my way into work on Friday nights and maybe a second one, then drink it till I go to sleep on Saturday afternoon for my nap. When I wake up, I’m back to no soda.

The idea has merit. It’s kept me from drinking soda all week. Instead, I’ve been hitting up the Mio Energy water enhancer. (Black Cherry is pretty tasty! 😀 )

What do you think? Would limiting it be better than cutting it out completely?


5 thoughts on “Cleaning My Eating: Update

  1. Jules McMurray says:

    Would you cheat or last long if you cut it out completely? If yes, you are just setting yourself up to fail. Limit it. Start with going down to a medium instead of a large, or a small instead of a medium. Once you get used to that, only have one every other day, then every three days. If you are that addicted to it, cutting it out cold turkey will be hard, do it slowly so it is permanent. Habits take 21 days to create or break, not overnight.

  2. Stephanie says:

    You asked “would limiting it be better than cutting it out completely?” I think the answer to most lifestyle changes is to take baby steps and make it easy. Cutting out soda cold turkey might be daunting for you (or it might not, some people do it), but thinking about reducing the amount you drink might seem more feasible.

    If you CAN cut down the amount you drink, you are better off than you were when you were drinking a lot. You’re not as better off as you would be if you drank none. But maybe once you start drinking less, you’ll find that you need it less, or you can reduce your consumption yet AGAIN, and little by little you wean yourself off.

    I think the key is to be reasonable about it. If you try something and slip up, will you feel like a failure and say FUGGEDABOUTIT?

    I’m a diet soda fiend. I’ve tried to give it up (and have successfully done so for lent a few times) but I simply enjoy it too much that I have trouble thinking about the supposed dangers to me. I am an otherwise healthy and active person, and if that is my one vice, I’m like “meh, whatever – SOMETHING will kill me!” and so I sit here typing this while sipping on some Diet Coke.

    I did find that giving it up completely (weirdly enough) was easier to do than to try and limit myself. It was like once I gave myself the permission to drink it, the flood gates opened. But everyone’s different, so you might be able to work a reduction in consumption rather than having to do totally without. You never know!

  3. CJV says:

    Limiting is always better than cold-turkey because it minimizes the chance of relapse. You may also want to consider changing which sodas you drink. For example, coke is mostly sugar and syrup. However, sierra mist is made with all natural products and is a healthier choice when compared to coke. I did some quick research and found that coke has 240 calories in a 16 oz. bottle compared to the 240 calories for 20 oz. of sierra mist. Coke also has 20mg more sodium (75 vs. 55) and 3g more sugars and carbs (65 vs. 62). In my personal opinion, it’s also incredibly crisp and refreshing. Just a thought for you. Giving up soda is hard and has been my weakness for a while…that and coffee. 🙂

  4. jljohnson says:

    I agree with all three of you about slow and steady being the way to go. I tried diet soda and it just tastes horrible to me. I’m a sugar fiend and don’t mind dealing with the real thing.

    I tried the seltzer and it just was terrible for me. I tried the carbonated water by Zepherhills, and it was worse. I don’t know what it is! Coke, especially Vanilla Coke, is my weakness! I’ve had a case of Cheerwine in my closet for weeks now and there is still at least half of it there!

    If I can keep away from Coke until tomorrow night when I get into work, I’m going to count that as a win. Then, when I leave work on Saturday, no more. 🙂 if I can do THAT, then Big WIN.

  5. anyakitt says:

    meh i have the same problem. i’ll drink an entire two liter in one night easily. But when i get on my anti soda kicks i usually limit myself to one a day and then just drink tea.

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