Race Recap – Color Me Rad

The weekend started a little crazy. The Friday before the race was my friend Nicole’s wedding. A wedding of which I was in. I got to wear silver shoes, a little blue dress, have fancy hair and smile a lot. I also got to carry lillies, hang out with friends I haven’t seen in a long time, and dance the night away.

Then the next morning, I got out of going to Crossfit with the rest of the bridal party because I had a race to get to: the Color Me Rad 5k. After starting the morning with very little sleep since I stayed and helped clean up after the wedding was over, we headed out to the Equestrian Center which was far far away. It was foggy and eerie driving up to it. Numerous times I kept asking “Are you sure we are going the right way?” and Brian would simply nod and say yes. When we pulled up, there was fog over the grassy fields and some people were out there in bright yellow shirts directing traffic.

We got there so early, we ended up watching them set up. But that’s okay. I’d rather be super early than super late. It also gave us a chance to wander around and look at the grounds. I’ve never been there and it’s quite beautiful. It was also the place a few other runs I want to do will be held, so I wanted to be familiar with it early.

As we wandered around, waiting for friends to show up, we watched other people who were participating start to open their color bombs and attack each other. See, in our packets we got our number, our shirt, a RAD tattoo, some killer 80s sunglasses and a bag of colored corn starch for us to use. We laughed as we watched kids who were running the race attack each other with purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and pink powder. We wanted in on the fun, so we took our before pictures and then started to decorate ourselves with the powder we had.

When our friends showed up, we started to attack them as well. If you look at the picture, you can see the nice blue hand print my husband left for me. He’s such a sweetie. 😀 I also started the race with a nice bright blue headband effect going. Why? Because he dumped a good chunk of the powder on my head. I ended up running with blue sweat for the entire thing!

We signed up for the 9:10 start time. When we registered there was four waves to choose from, and the 9:10 was second to last one. Little did we know that they ended up adding almost 15 waves! There were 6000 people at this race!

The Color Me Rad was not timed, and suddenly it became the epitome of a fun run.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to run through a fun 5k route and be doused with colored powder and water only to end it the most colorful person ever? They announced numerous times that it was not timed, and that was why you didn’t have any chips. They didn’t even have any clocks out anywhere. I didn’t bring a watch with me, expecting to pick up my chip and see clocks – and when I found out that it was a free for all, I was stoked. I don’t know the last time I just ran for fun like this!

We lined up for our wave in a cloud of multi colored powder, laughter, and excitement buzzing through our veins. I told them that they could run ahead without me, that I was taking it easy since the Marine Corp Half was the very next weekend. I didn’t want to injure myself on what was likely to be a trail run than anything else. They all took off, and I suddenly wished for my music.

Brian finished ahead of me, like he always does, and we finished in a cloud of bright blue powder! It was fantastic! It was hard to see, and even harder to breath, but so much fun. We were covered from head to toe and looked like demented smurfs. Well I did, anyway. My white tutu was multi-colored, my mouth was full of the powder, but I was all smiles at the end. While I was standing with Brian next to the finish line looking for my friends, I heard the announcement for the 9:45 wave to go. (But I still refuse to try and figure out my timing.

As we were wandering around, re-hydrating  and clearing out our mouths of color, we heard the countdown for the color bomb. Looking over to the cherry picker, where the emcee was, we saw a multi colored explosion of powder. We ended up making our way over and spent two hours in there, just getting color bombed and color bombed and color bombed.

This race was by far one of my favorite runs ever. The route through the Equestrian center was really nice, everyone who was working the event was really fun and polite, and it was a unique race to participate in. I loved the swag, kept my tattoo on through the half marathon, and even wear my pink 80s glasses as often as possible…and you know how much I hate pink!

I highly recommend this race. If it’s in a city near you, you should make every possible effort to go out and enjoy a fun run that will get you nice and dirty. If my story didn’t convince you, maybe these extra photos will!

Inside the Color Bomb


3 thoughts on “Race Recap – Color Me Rad

  1. Desiree says:

    I am doing the same run in December and wanted to know if the colored powder gets in your eyes. I wear contacts and not sure if I should wear sunglasses or goggles. Thanks in advance!

    • jljohnson says:

      I wear contacts as well and I wore the sunglasses they gave you which was not helpful at all in keeping stuff out of my eyes but to be truthful, the only real problem I had with my eyes was the colored water. I got a hit directly in the eye behind the glasses (which lets be honest was a lucky shot) and that burned badly. I had to walk a bit and was trying to find a clean part of my body to wipe it away which ended up not really happening, but after a lot of blinking it stopped burning an my vision cleared and I was fine.

      The bigger problem in my opinion was getting that powder in your mouth and nose. Have water nearby to rinse out your mouth and your boogers will be fun colors for a day or two. You can wear a bandanna over your face if you like but I didn’t think it was that horrible.

      Still totally worth it!!

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