Running Gear: Cheap vs. Expensive

I’ve always been known as someone who thinks that spending an insane amount of money on something better be really worth it. Spending $100 on my iPhone? Worth it. Spending $130 on running shoes? I don’t think so, not when I can get them on Amazon for $60.

But – I might be changing my tune when it comes to spending the extra cash for running gear. Some gear, anyway.

I usually run in biker shorts that I find from Walmart. They are like $8 (which fits in PERFECTLY into my budget) and they last a good long while if you take care of them. I run in tank tops, these coming from some magazine my mom gets and I really don’t care how they look…I’m running. Then I had to find a longer pair of shorts that wouldn’t cause any chaffing for the Never Quit, and that were moisture wicking material. Okay. Hello, Target.

The Bermuda shorts that I got were made by Champion and were a size XL which I don’t particularly like, but they are comfy as hell. The moisture wicking is really nice, and despite being a size bigger than I thought I would need, they fit really well around my waist. The biker shorts were always bunching at my waist and when I sat down, it’d get more uncomfortable. They were a little loose around my knees, but they still felt awesome. When I wore them in the ocean for the water portion, they didn’t slide around like the cotton tank I was wearing did.

I started to run with them outside of that race, even in the hundred plus degree weather. Even though I was warmer than I liked to be, I felt confident running in them. They were flat against my stomach, smooth down the back of my legs, and just felt good. These shorts were almost $30! It got me thinking a lot.

Maybe the extra cash toward the big named brands for running gear is actually worth it. I mean, I buy the Champion brand sports bras at $15 a piece, so why not spend $30 on the shorts? Especially if they do well? Hmm. Then I started to think about the cold weather running gear that I bought. Danskin pants, where the waist again is flat against my stomach. My two long sleeved shirts and running jacket from Old Navy. While I got them on clearance at the time, they were priced pretty high. And they worked better than some of my other items…other cheaper items.

I’m still scoffing at the prices on the gear. I need new running shoes and having to shell out money I don’t exactly have at this moment for them is painful. Spending $30 on another pair of those shorts makes me cringe. But I’m learning that the pricier things might be worth it. Especially if I can get it moisture wicking material, comfortable flexibility, and I’m not stuck yanking on them from time to time.

I wonder if that would make my running better?


2 thoughts on “Running Gear: Cheap vs. Expensive

  1. John says:

    I know what you mean, I bought some cheap running socks earlier this year, they were ok until 3 miles then I started getting blisters. I bought a new pair which cost four times as much which are great.

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