I’m an Inspiration! Or…am I?

Usually people tell me that they started, or want to start, running because they see a “normal” person like me doing it. And by “normal” I mean, a busy woman with a husband, trying to fit running into her own little world as she tries to conquer her own demons, and drop some weight along the way. It’s always been a great feeling that people look at me and thing “Well, HELL. If she can do it, that means I can too!” and then strap on a pair of running shoes to go and pound some pavement.

My best friend out in LA? She named her blog “God Damnit Jamie” so….in this case I’m not so sure.

Meet Amber. She’s the girl I ran the She Runs LA with, although she’d say I ran it, and she muddled through it. Apparently that was her first real experience of a race, and her first real experience of how insanely retarded I can get for a race. If you read her first entry, her depiction is pretty accurate. I was bouncing around like a rabbit on speed, all excited about the race and being able to do it with her.

She, on the other hand, was less than thrilled. She had to get up early (GASP!) and had to…you know…run. You can hear more about her side of the race in her blog. It’s entertaining to read, that’s for sure.

Anyway, she decided to sign up for the Zombie 5k obstacle course thing out in LA after this race. What cracks me up about it is that she’s TERRIFIED of Zombies, yet her favorite show right now is The Walking Dead. Go figure, right? She decided that since I “left her behind” in the She Runs LA race, she needs redemption.

I love this girl like a sister, and think that her starting to take fitness and running serious is fantastic, but I’m selfish. I want all my friends to have a desire to run like I do. I am, however, stoked that she’s jumping on the bandwagon and trying it out regardless. Even if she ends up hating it, she has a chance to say that she tried. That’s all I could ask for.

So I’m sending her support! If you read my blog and enjoy it, check out hers! I don’t know how often she is going to update, but hopefully it’s a lot and send her motivation and inspiration and let her know we are all behind her.

And that if she runs fast, she’ll outrun the Zombies that are most certainly going to be trying to take her out during that 5k.



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