L’Shanah Tovah!

Yesterday was Rosh Hashana. I’m not a member of a synagogue around here, mainly because after Beth Shalom closed I realized how good that one was and how much I don’t like the others. Partly because I am either asleep or working Friday nights and Saturday mornings. It’s just not worth the hassle. However, yesterday I went to synagogue with my parents and my brother’s family. My sister was in Orlando.

After the service (part of which I kept a grip on my little niece who did NOT like the shofar blowing) we went to a restaurant for lunch, and then home. I left my parents house, did some running around, signed up for the half marathon in October, and then went home and ran 6 miles.

The route was a new one that allowed me to go to the abandoned golf course, up the gnarly hill of doom, and then back home. I like the route a lot, actually. I just recently discovered it and I know that if I run TO the golf course and then through everything else that is ON the golf course, I’ll be able to tack on some serious mileage.

During the run, I had time to think. It’s a new year for us Jews, and it’s time to make things better than they were. The “real” new year is still months away, but what is stopping me from starting now? Nothing is.

So let’s start early. I am working on a list of goals to see what I want to accomplish and how I can go about doing it. You should do it too!

L’Shanah Tovah, ya’ll!!


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