…oh, hi!!

It’s been quite a busy week for me. Brian was out of town all week so I had a chance to really clean the condo, a friend of Brian’s was killed earlier this week, I had a chance to see some friends I haven’t seen in a while, and I ran. Some.

I blew off one or two runs this week because I wanted to spend some time with friends I haven’t seen in a long time. Part of me felt really guilty about it. I sat and spent some time working out the whys of that feeling, and I realized that it was because last year, it was all running all the time. All I did was run in my spare time. I blew off friends and family to make sure I had time to get my running done. And this year, I haven’t done that. I skip some runs just so I can spend a few hours with my friends.

Does that make me any less dedicated to my goals? Absolutely not. What it does is makes me human.

My time is precious to me. I spend 9 plus hours a day at work when I’m here, and it isn’t normal working hours. My schedule for work has yet to be the same from week to week, and I have a lot of projects going on at once. I try to get my running in before work, but sometimes I’m just tired and I can’t and that’s okay. Rest and being healthy are more important.

In the midst of that self examination, and in talking to Charlie and Tiffany, I realized that I shouldn’t be comparing myself to others like I have been. There are a lot of reasons they are dong what they are doing…and I don’t agree with those reasons so why am I trying to compete with that? Truth of the matter – it’s a waste of energy.

Plus – in the midst of talking to Tiffany and showing her my RunKeeper times, she pointed out that my running time has improved significantly, and if I could cut out some of the walk breaks (and the traffic breaks, and the school bus breaks) that I could do a great job. When I looked at it and realized that she was right, I kind of did a little happy dance.


So from here on out, we go and do what we can and compete with the image looking back at us in the mirror. We stay positive, and surround ourselves with positive energy…something I have been missing in my life for a while. We pound some pavement, cross train, and remember that the reason we are doing it is for us. Not others.

Early morning revelations on little sleep make the most sense, I believe.


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