another case of the ick…

Seriously. What is my problem this year?

I know that my immune system is crap. It’s always been that way, being a person who fights enough allergies to give a professional allergist a hard on. Every time the seasons change, I get sick. If someone has a cold, I catch it. It’s just how my immune system works.

But this? This is starting to get redonk.

Brian came home with a head cold last week, say…Tuesday? Wednesday? something like that. I made sure he got them necessary meds (sudafed and IBProphen) and lots of liquids and rest…and forced him to kiss me goodbye when he left for work, and when we went to bed. Half the time it was on my forehead (who doesn’t love a forehead kiss!?) the other half? I wanted a kiss on the lips when he left.

So I started to feel it on Saturday, during my insane overnight occured. I was at work from 6pm on Friday to 11am on Saturday, covering our Football Friday stuff as well as producing my one hour show. Not my idea of a fantastic time, but we are working out the details so it won’t happen again. Instead I’ll go in at 9pm and do it that way.

Anyway, Saturday I started to feel it. A little stuffy, an itchy, sore throat…by the end of Saturday it was full on head cold. It’s now Thursday, and it’s moved to my chest with a raging cough that has mucus running around and jumping on my lungs. Not my idea of a good time.

I texted Kat complaining about how miserable I was feeling, and how this was destroying my training. I finally got into the hang of getting up with Brian at 5:30am and getting out there to run by 6:30am, and pounding out the miles. I finally got my eating mostly under control (no more soda, no more wheat) and then THIS happens!? I feel like a failure.

She told me to be strong, and not worry about it, that she believes in me and that I will go into beast mode as soon as my body lets me. She said that when she was running with me on Monday (before the ick got bad) she noticed that I was doing better and was running faster. I’m hoping that once it cools off, that sticks because dammit…I’m so OVER being sick.

Which brings my to my next point – how does one build a stronger immune system? Kat said she attributed hers to healthy eating and exercise, and I’ve been doing that to no avail. I am going back on my vitamins as of today to see if that helps…but over all, what else can I do?

My first half marathon of the season is October 6. Four weeks away. I have GOT to get back to healthy and pound out the rest of those miles, or this one is going to suck BADLY.


One thought on “another case of the ick…

  1. tootallfritz says:

    I take an immunogard in the fall/winter/spring. I am an advocare distributor so, of course, use their products but I would highly recommend you find something. Once you build your system up then it will be good but the building up process may be a challenge for you. Good luck & feel better!

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