Running, and looking cute doing it.

It’s no secret that I run races in tutu’s. People actually recognize me at races now, and when I’m not wearing a tutu, I’m asked where it is. For example, I didn’t wear one during the beach run portion of the Tour de Pain…because beach and tulle just sounds like a bad idea…and people actually stopped me and said “Hey! You are the tutu girl! Where is your tutu!?”

But that’s for racing. When I’m throwing stuff on to go run a few miles to get miles in, I usually don’t think about what I look like. A pair of shorts that won’t bunch, a tank top that is fitted enough to not chafe, comfy runner socks, my belt that carries my keys, my phone and my music are all my basic necessities. I’m finding myself getting bored with the basics, though, and am wondering…what else is out there?

This is kind of stemmed from that damned website Pinterest. There is a Health and Fitness section, and I’m on that section a lot. Among the super food protein shakes and the “here’s how to lose 10 pounds of belly bloat” posts are super adorable shirts and running skirts and head bands. The tanks have cute sayings on them from Nike like “Giving Up Is Not An Option” or are cut in funky ways with bright fun colors. Suddenly, my basic black shorts and beat up blue tank top are not as fun anymore.

I’m bitten by the fashion bug. It doesn’t happen often, and this time it’s about fitness wear. And I’m finding myself looking at Nike and lulu mon, and all the places like that. And I’m cringing at the prices. They are all so expensive! Why is it that the fitness gear we all want need is so pricey? It means I’m going to have to make it myself. The shirts at least. I’m not going to attempt to make a running skirt. 🙂

So – what is your favorite saying for a fitness shirt? What inspiring thing should I put on a tank top to run 9 miles in? Share with me your ideas and I’ll share with you pictures of the shirts! 🙂

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