running music

Over the past few runs, I’ve noticed that I have a tendency to skip past songs on my player. Like, a lot. Are these songs I don’t like? No, because I am the one that put them on my player…so why skip them?

Because I need music that will motivate me to KEEP running.

Being a music whore as it is, I have a plethora of tunes, and Brian is willing to download anything I ask for so long that he can find it. (Does ANYONE have the Christian Kane music?! I can’t find it anywhere) So my player is always filled and I have a hundreds of CDs and 28 gigs of music on my computer. I got music.

But when it comes to running music, I seem to find myself at a loss. Half of the music on my player I’m kind of…EH. On one run I’d be stoked for whatever plays, on another I’m skipping 10 songs in a row just to find something to keep me going.

What do you do when this happens? Do you have a running playlist? What’s on it?


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