The Summer Lull

At first, Brian told me that I might be tired from trying to adjust my schedule and get used to getting up so early in the am. I kind of agreed with him, but was able to get out of bed and get some miles in. For the most part. Then, later, I figured that maybe it had something to do with the blood pressure medication I’m on now since the Topamax was a bad idea was making me so tired. And I’m still not sure that it’s not part of the problem.

Then I got sick over this past weekend, and in a hindsight conversation with Brian maybe it was partly my doing for my crappy eating and my lack of control over taking OTC stuff to help me out.

I kind of want to blame everything else for my laziness – my lack of good eating, my lack of miles, my exhaustion, and my slight weight gain – but it might just be The Summer Lull.

I have a half marathon in 7 weeks. I’ve not exactly been doing the best of training lately, and part of me is really disappointed in myself for it. I’m doing a fantastic job beating myself up over it. But at the same time…there is just so much going on! My schedule is about to do a dramatic shift to cover Football Friday’s and that means even less normalcy.

Bottom line – I could complain the entire time about how much everything else is the cause of my problems and lack of training, but the truth is, I just need to get my ass out there and do it. I need to quit making excuses, get up with Brian, and when he leaves in the morning, go and pound some pavement. I need to then run after my shift is over on Saturday, bridges since I’m down here, and just do it.

I need to suck it up and just do it.

I can’t make my 2:30 time if I don’t get out there and make these miles happen. And I need to clean up my eating too. I need to just SHUT UP and DO IT.


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