Race Recap: Tour de Pain

3 races in 24 hours. A 4 miler, a 5k, and a one mile sizzler.

Throw in a migraine and a stomach bug, and you have a very not happy, sluggish, sick racer.

The beach run was rough. We had to wait for a storm to pass before we could start, and the cool part about the rain is that it allowed the weather to cool off some before we started to run. Lots of thunder and lightning, but it left us with a fabulous double rainbow to run under! 

That was one of the coolest things that could have happened during that race. It was a full rainbow and we could see the entire thing over the water. One of the coolest things ever, that’s for sure.

The run itself sucked for me. I was feeling yucky, I hate running on the sand with a passion, and they couldn’t decide when they wanted to start. At first they said it was going to be at 7:30 (a half hour later than start time planned) but ended up starting it at 7:15, and half of the crowd wasn’t ready because they were in line for the bathroom. Another issue we felt could have been done better was the turn around point. For some reason, it was UP the beach at an incline where the loose sand was. There were a lot of us stumbling to get

Tiffany, me, Kat and Nicole

through it. But eh. Beggers can’t be choosers, I suppose.

I ran with Tiffany, and thank God I did because I think I would have given up easily and blown my time more than I had if she wasn’t there to push me. I ended up finishing it at 51:56, almost a minute and a half slower than last year. I was upset. and very much pissed at myself. But again – stomach bug? Migraine earlier in the day? I shouldn’t have expected anything more for it. I didn’t bring music or anything, and that allowed us to talk while we ran. We like running together because we bullshit mostly.

I love running with Kat too, but that girl ran this race like she had something to prove. I didn’t even bother asking her if she wanted to run together, and when I finished the 4 miler, she was already

Brian and I with the rainbow!

gone. (that might have something to do with the illegal parking though! 🙂 )

Brian did pretty well for someone who hasn’t been running, but I know that it wasn’t what he wanted. He finished in 44:58, and wanted closer to 40 but still. He’s a bit of a workaholic right now and that comes first. I get his frustration. All in all we all hated the beach run and complained about it properly. 🙂 After the run Nicole, Patrick, Brian, Tiffany and I went out to La Nopelera for dinner. That didn’t help my stomach issues, but I figured a salad would be the best choice. Did not make things better, but also didn’t exactly make things worse either. We had a good time relaxing and chatting about the races and complaining about people we wanted to beat. You know, the usual trash talking. I was home and in bed before 11pm, which was awesome because our next race was at 7am the next morning.

The 5k was the next morning. and it was right up the street from where we lived so we kind of took our time getting going. I woke up feeling worse than I did the day before, but put on a smiling face and went out there to pound some pavement. I sported a tutu

Tiffany, Nicole, me, and Kat

for this race, my black and purple one from the She Runs LA back in April. When we arrived, we found Nicole and Patrick and chatted while in line for the potty. Kat and Tiffany found us soon after. We took the obligatory pictures and then got prepared. Since we were running this one solo, I brought my music. I was able to zone out and just focus on running. Just after mile 2, however, I started to feel really ill. My stomach was cramping, I felt like I needed to throw up, and breathing was becoming an issue. Tiffany caught up to me and helped me push through the rest of the race.

I finished this one at 36:11, which beat last years time. I feel like I could have done better. Brian finished his 5k in 32:42, which is pretty damn stellar considering he had very little training prior to this race. I was impressed anyway.

Brian and I at the 5k

We ended up going home and napping for a few hours. I was up and down a lot because of my stomach, but I got a good hour or so in. After working such insane and hard hours then training and throw in being sick on top of it…well, you just need all the sleep you can get.

Later that afternoon was the one mile sizzler. Brian and I had been talking about what exactly we wanted to do time wise, and Brian said he wanted at least 9 minutes. Nicole texted us and asked us our goals, and the got on Brian’s case about how he should be shooting for a faster mile. He changed his time, begrudgingly, to 8:30. I just wanted to be 10:49, my time from last year.

We got to the race early and hung out and watched everyone get ready. It was overcast, and looked like it was going to rain, but didn’t. By this race, I was feeling miserable, and seriously wanted to quit. My stomach was no co-operating well, and I just wanted to go put PJ’s back on and stay in bed. But I am not a quitter, and I had a race to finish.

Three green tutus with the finals

Plus – Brian and I both felt we had something to prove to ourselves and this one miler was going to be it.

Brian’s heat was first. They broke up the race into 4 yeats, and being that he’s now 40 he is in the masters group. He rocked his mile. He was able to do his mile in 8:09!! I was so proud of him! He really pushed it hard and made it work. I know it was hard, especially when he hadn’t been running at all really. It was a bitch, but he rocked it.

The open men’s heat was next and we had a few friends running in that one. They did awesome, even Eric with his eye issue. The Master Women was next, and that was Tiffany’s heat. Kat and I stood by the sidelines and cheered her on as she made her rocking mile time as well. Then it was the open women’s heat. For Kat, Nicole and I …it was game on.

Before we left for the run

We lined up and got ready to go. Nicole started in the front, Kat closer to her, and I started in the back. I knew I had a goal time to make, but I was also ready to puke my brains out at any moment, so I wanted to keep to the back of the pack. When the cannon went off, so did we. The first way around the block wasn’t so bad. It was hot, and there wasn’t much of a breeze, and I didn’t think I was rushing it too much until I saw the clock say 2:30 after the second turn. I was going faster than I planned starting out on, but since I felt okay, I decided to just go with it. It was the second time around that suddenly I felt sick. I had to stop for two quick walk breaks in order to keep my stomach under control, but then Stacey (starpulp)  came by and motivated me to start over again. And motivate she did, I saw her go and thought there is no way I am going to see her run and not run myself. So I punched it into gear and started to go again.

Once I hit that last turn and saw the finish line, I started to pick it up a little, but the cramping in my stomach was making me miserable. Then I heard it. I heard Brian and Tiffany shouting for me to run, so I dug deep and pushed on. The next thing I knew, I had crossed the finish line and almost crashed into Christi and the rest of the Channel 4 crew. Someone handed me my medal and a bottle of water, I remember saying something to Christi…but mostly I remember wanting to get out of the way in case I did in fact throw up.

Group shot of most of us.

Then Nicole came around the corner and told me that I did it under 10 minutes. Then I saw Brian, and Tiffany and Kat…and suddenly I was okay despite the twisting pain in my stomach. I got water and slammed the bottle I had and Brian gave me a second one. Kat’s son wanted to “medal me” so I gave him my medal and he put it around my neck, and then we did pictures. I was so proud of myself, and Brian kept telling me he was proud of me too.

All in all – not a horrible race. I think I could have done better had I not been dealing with this stomach bullshit. Almost 12 hours later, I’ve been able to keep food down, and I’ve been doing better, but I still feel like hell. (come to find out, there is a stomach bug going around the station and there is a really solid chance that is where I got it from)

Despite that – however – I finished a race and proved to myself that I can do it even sick. Makes me wonder what I can do when I’m 100%

Here – have some more pictures:





Brian is in green!




One thought on “Race Recap: Tour de Pain

  1. hinukshines says:

    OMG. How strong are you that you make yourself run through splitting heads and stomach bugs? You should be damn proud of yourself – and also get to a doctor and get rid of that bug!! Well done to both of you 🙂 (love the photos and the recap!!)

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