Pity Party, table for one…

I missed the bridges run last weekend because I forgot to register for it because I was distracted at work. And I missed the Stadium challenge this week because I am going on very little sleep and it was just safer for me to not bother to even try (and because I forgot to register for it) but next weekend is the Tour de Pain…which I do not feel prepared for in any way, shape or form.

Completely changing your schedule and timing can be seriously be detrimental to your formed habits. Before I would usually run at like…9am because I wouldn’t get into bed till about 1am the night prior. Now, I’m trying to get out the door to run at 6am so I can get my first run in before work, and I go to bed at 10pm the night before. When I get my two-a-days in, I do another run in the evening.

But I’ve just been so tired lately. It’s driving me insane. Brian and my Dad keep telling me that it’s the new schedule and that it takes a while to adjust. I spent 8 of my 9 years at the station working nights and now I’m thrown into a whole new world of crap with my new schedule. It’s a frustrating thing, however, because all of my friends who are training for the same races I am are pounding out miles like it’s nobody’s business and here I am about ready to crash so hard it’s redonk.

I know, I know. I can’t compare myself to them. My situation is completely different than theirs is, and I need to remember that. Kat has plenty of time on her hands since her husband is home from work and can watch the kids, and she’s essentially a stay at home mom who is working part time. Tiffany is between jobs right now so she has plenty of time to get in runs. I’m having to change my entire life around to fit into these new hours, knowing that after I leave work at 6:30 during the week, I have about 3 hours before I crash to get up early the next morning.

And there are other things that I want/need to do other than just go run!

I’m sorry that I’m just ranting but it’s irritating as all hell that this is such an issue for me. Tiffany had to remind me that I should be competing with myself and not with anyone else. It was hard to remember considering how little I’ve done lately. And it’s not because I haven’t wanted to, it’s because sleep and adjusting is just way more important.

and that’s why I’m so stoked to have friends like Amanda, Charlie, and Tiffany to remind me of that. They’ve had to do just that many a times these past few weeks as I adjust to the new gig (which, btw, I am FINALLY feeling secure and proud of. Took long enough)

Anyway, my goal is to really kick up my training this week and really get back into the habit. Two-A-Days at least 2 days a week, with Fridays and Saturdays being my flexible days given my needing to crash at 5pm to be at work at 2am. But my 2:30 half marathon is still my goal. I can do this.

Who wants to be a training buddy with me, to check in to make sure we get our miles in? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pity Party, table for one…

  1. bearcountryrunner says:

    I’ll check in with you to make sure we both get our miles in. This coming week I have a 16 mile slow long run tomorrow, then Tues, Weds, Thurs it’s 3 -6-3, and one of those runs is supposed to be on hills, and then next Sunday again the slow long run with 18 miles.

    You can totally make that 2:30 half marathon time. One thing I wanted to suggest, and feel free to ignore, but when I was training for my first full marathon, I found that my body petered out if I went over a certain amount of mileage a week, and discovered that I made better improvement if I only ran 3 times a week and was really fresh and had rested legs for each run. Runners World did a study on it too and found that running less but with higher quality (and that does mean the runs you do have might be longer) can be more beneficial for some people, especially if they have a lot of other things in life that they have commitments to and are tiring them out. It might be worth it to try lowering the number of runs you shoot for in a week until you get used to the new schedule and focus on the quality of the running versus the mileage. I just wanted to put that out there. I’m guessing you’ve probably already heard that but if you are still feeling overtired, it might be worth a try until your body catches up to the new schedule, then you could go back to laying on the miles (and bridges).

    You can do it! You aren’t that far from the 2:30 mile pace right now.

    • jljohnson says:

      Actually, I didn’t know about the whole runner’s world study…but I did realize that with the fewer runs I am doing I feeling better on them than on just getting the miles in. I am totally going to take that to heart while I still adjust.

      With my hours not being consistent its really hard for me to get used to it but I am trying.

      And I am totally down with Checking in with you. 🙂 I mean hell – you are the one convincing me that a marathon could be worth it! 😄

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