Children’s Way 5k After Dark (that really wasn’t)

“This is a stupid idea,” I thought to myself as I dropped off the forms for the race to the Ronald McDonald House off of Children’s Way. “Neither of us have been running really, I’m coming off of an injury, we are both still adjusting to our new jobs and new schedules. This is dumb”

But I dropped them off anyway, and we registered for the Children’s Way 5k After Dark. Because we were asked to by Richard. And I can’t say no to Richard.

The reason why it’s called “After Dark” is because it was scheduled for 7pm instead of the usual 7am. And since the sun doesn’t really go down till almost 9pm nowadays….it wasn’t after dark. But it was still a good run. I liked the route, I liked the group I ran with, and the views were stellar.

It was HOT though. So freaken hot. And very little breeze through some of those back roads. Every time I hit a water stop, I took a sip of water and then dumped the water down my back to cool me off since I have this thing with not being able to keep a normal body temp…

The crew who put the race on did a FANTASTIC job. The packets we got were one of the best packets I’ve gotten before. Inside it we got water, a full size bottle of sunscreen (I got kids, Brian got super sun defense) and we got full size samples of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, ect. There was some paperwork in there and a few coupons too. The shirts are tech shirts in bright green.

The water stops were set up in good locations, and they were always ready for us when we ran by. They had police taking care of traffic so there was very little traffic on the side roads we ran on. I think I only had to fight two cars trying to get home while we were running our race. Most of the route was shady, which was nice considering the sun was blistering.

The end of race party was fantastic too. Hurricanes Wings was a big sponsor, so they let us take over their parking lot. There was free beer, wings, cookies, sodas and chips. Blue Bell was out there handing out ice cream and Sweet Pete’s was there doing cotton candy. (Sweet Pete’s is AMAZING. They have gluten free caramels!!!!) McDonald, being a big sponsor, was there and handed out mini smoothies to people. I tried to get a picture with Ronald McDonald, but he took off before I could.

a cookie and a mini smoothie reward.

I ran slow but as a first race back into it, I ran strong. I stopped because it was hot and I couldn’t handle the heat, not because I was hurting or because my feet ached. My first mile was pretty fast because I was only about 30 seconds to a minute behind Brian most of it, and then I died off and lost him. I crossed the line at 38:05 which is on par for my summer running.

Brian crossed at 32 minutes, that fast jerk. 🙂

All in all, a good first race back since injury. I talked to a few people who stopped me and asked me about my tutu, and I smiled and explained how I always race with one now. There were a lot of compliments and some people even recognized me from previous races from the tutu. It was a great feeling. My friends might have bailed on me (did I mention that? Richard missed the race, and Kat had family come into town unannounced) but we did it and now I’m feeling a bit more confident.

Half marathon training has officially started today, and while I have NOT  gotten the Marine Corp Half off yet, I’m still planning on doing the training so to prepare for other halves I have on my planner…and for next year.

I’m back in the habit again….I’m BAAAAAAAAAACK. 😀

Did you race this past weekend?


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