“courage does not always roar”

So, I tried to run on Friday morning with Kat and it felt good. It felt awesome actually. A little tight in the hammies because I’m having to change how I run, and toward the end of our short, flat 3 miles I started to feel…something…in my right heel and my right calve. Just a little “Hey, remember me? Just remember I’m here…and you are injured. Don’t forget about that.”

And I didn’t. And I was doing really well the rest of the day, I felt great! Walking was awesome…until I decided that flip flops were the right footwear for the day, and I stepped on a screw that was in the middle of the roadway while walking into the mall to go to my eye exam. Since then my heel has been KILLING me, and maybe it’s sympathy pain but my left one has been aching today too. Dammit.

I’m so stoked.So that means at least another 2 weeks of no running. In reality I kind of knew that. But I was really hoping for a good run and no pain so I could get back into really working out and running again. But I guess two more weeks won’t kill me.

I downloaded a new app on my phone called Nike Training. It’s a free app that has the ability to give you personal training kind of things. You pick your workout and it walks (well talks, really) you through it. I’m eager to try it and think I will since it’s something I can do while I am healing my heels. I want to do Insanity, but jumping is probably still not cool.

I hate being injured and not being able to do things. I miss the runners high and the sweaty mess I am after a good, hard run. It’s my stress release.

In other news, I start my new position on Monday! I’m now the Social Media Producer for WJXT. My schedule is now completely different, along with my responsibilities. It also requires me to produce the 9am hour of the Saturday morning show. Uh-oh, right? This means that there are races that I can’t do now, and instead of feeling defeated by that…I’m being forced to be more selective of what races I really want to do versus races I am doing because I can.

This will give me a chance to really train for the half marathons I want to do, and to participate in the night races on Saturdays that I haven’t been able to do in years because of my work schedule. There are a few races I need to try and get off, and I am hoping it happens (but most important is getting the September wedding I am in off….) but seriously…I’m kind of looking at this as a challenge, not only for me professionally but for me as a runner as well.

I did always say “Adventures wanted”


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