…injured runner girl, party of one…

Seriously. This whole injury – you can’t run – so don’t try – oh, and don’t jump either – thing is starting to get to me. And it’s only been a week.

I had to beg Kat to let me run. She kept telling me no. I begged her to let me run yesterday. Still, no.

My fitness freak pal Jennie told me DON’T RUN. It will mean a worse injury.

Even Brian was like “don’t run, stupid. You can’t even walk without pain!”

And then just to make things worse, I’m coming off of a 5 day migraine, so even if I could run, I wouldn’t be able to because of the deep throbbing and stabbing at the back of my head that made even logical thought hard. Standing, walking, even talking took extreme effort.

Add to that crappy eating, low water in take and feeling down in the dumps makes for a very grumpy, very annoyed, very twitchy idiot runner girl.

BUT – lets focus on the positive instead. I have a Hocus with me for the week as I am dog sitting for my parents while they are out of town. I have a great husband who was able to help me out with my migraines and rubbed my shoulder to try and help ease some of the pain (it didn’t work, but hey! I’m not turning down a massage). I have great friends who won’t let me make my injury worse by telling me that NO I SHOULDN’T run and offered other suggestions of fitness by telling me that swimming and bike riding is a good option. As is walking Hocus. (seriously, I love that dog.) I’m wearing my sneakers all the time so I can keep my heel safe (EVEN on flip flop day!!) and I’m stretching more and using my boot.

And the most important thing is – despite everything I KNOW what I’m doing is right, and my friends know what I’m doing is right, and they won’t let me do something that will be self destructive, no matter how much I want to go.

So first thing Monday morning, I’m hitting the pool and going for a swim. 30 minutes of swimming.

After I walk Hocus for 45 minutes.


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