hot town, summer in the city

Back of my neck getting burnt and gritty
Been down, isn’t it a pity
Doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city

All around, people looking half dead
Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head

How convenient is it that my feet start causing me problems just as summer starts and the heat kicks up?

So now that the week of storms has left Jacksonville, a cloudless blue sky and bright sunshine is left in it’s wake. I’m not complaining in the least (or at least not yet) because it’s nice to have sunshine again. However, with the sunshine…came the heat. And dude. It’s hot outside. My usual runs at 9am are now into the 90 degree range and that’s just too hot. The evening runs are usually brushed off thanks to a storm that is overtaking Jacksonville at the moment (you northerners get snow, we get daily thunderstorms in the summer) so I usually miss out.

I always cut back on my miles in the summer anyway, making my longest run 6 miles and focusing more on cross training and yoga. Kind of fantastic actually, since it appears to be plantar fasciitis in BOTH feet. I still have my boot for my right foot from almost two years ago when it took me out for a year, and I might have to get one for my left foot to sleep in.

This means no running for a few weeks. I’m torn between being really annoyed and kinda grateful. I’ve also found myself to be really, really bored. My workouts in the mornings kept me busy, and since I’m still getting up between 8 and 9 am each morning, I’m bored by 11.

Now that I have a Hocus for a week, I have lots of time to walk her. Walking is okay with plantar fasciitis right? I’m wearing my sneakers all the time and with that my heels don’t hurt when I walk. I’m also planning to hit the pool each morning and do a half hour or so of laps. The pool at the amenity center isn’t big by any means, but since I’m not that great of a swimmer anyway, it works out. Throw in some yoga and some time on the leg press to help me stretch out  my calves, I think that by the end of July this issue will be forgotten.

I’m not planning on not running at all for two months, mind you. But my usual 15 miles a week during the summer is going to be cut back to maybe 8-10 in order to heal up my heels! (heh) Plus, I remember Kat telling me that swimming is great to help your breathing and that is something I could use help with.

My goal is to be starting my half marathon training by the end July. I have three at the end of this year (October, November, and December) and my last half time was 2:41…I really want to get to 2:30 for the first one. I would love to get down to 2:15, but 2:30 is a great goal right now. It’s a minute off every mile. I think that is doable. Especially if I let my heels heal (HA!!) and work on my breathing with the swimming.

I’m still Idiot Runner Girl, I’m just not being an idiot right now. 😀


2 thoughts on “hot town, summer in the city

    • jljohnson says:

      SERIOUSLY. I was fine before the NQ race, and I made the mistake of running the second 5k barefoot, and now both my feet are screwed up. It SUCKS. 😦 You feel better too!

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