Sweat Equity is the ONLY way!!


















I don’t do fad dieting. I don’t do shakes or pills or anything else. What I do is sweat equity. I work hard, I train hard, and I get rewarded by getting healthier and healthier each time. In 2011 I was a size 14/16….this year a solid size 12.

Sweat Equity WORKS.


2 thoughts on “Sweat Equity is the ONLY way!!

  1. CJV says:

    If pills, shakes, or fad diets worked then the pharmaceutical companies would have taken them over a long time ago and obesity wouldn’t be an epidemic right now. IMHO, the key to weight loss and fitness is discipline – discipline with your eating habits, exercise level, and overall frame of mind. THERE IS NO EASY WAY. If it was easy, everybody would be doing it. It’s going to take time. It’s going to take sweat. And it’s going to hurt. But the payoff is a better look, a healthier mindset, and a better life. Small price to pay, I think.

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