Never Quit…Never!

It’s almost here. The race I have been learning to swim for. The Never Quit Trident! I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. I want to do as well as I can, and am trying to not pressure myself into trying to do better than I know I can do. It’s the first Trident for myself, my husband, and my best friend slash running partner.

Let the games begin!!

It’s simple: you run a 5k and then go into the transition area to ditch the sneakers and the MP3 player and pull on your goggles to go and swim 50 meters and then you run into the transition area to strap on your board and run back into the water to paddle 1500 meters and then you and your board run across the finish line. A completely different triathlon.

Brian and Kat are the swimmers of the group, so they already have a leg up over me. I actually never learned how to swim so it’s gonna be interesting. The paddling felt really easy in the pool but I don’t know how it will be in the ocean. We..uh..never actually made it to the beach like we planned. Oops. I’m still excited about it though. And it’s for an amazingly awesome cause: Stroke and Heart Attack awareness.

Female finishers get these:

Male finishers get these:

After this race, we don’t have one till the 4th of July, which works out because we are both in the middle of some insane job stuff. Plus, with me doing Insanity and running, I know I could use a bit of a break. Maybe float on the water at the pool for a bit before work…

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