“I regret that workout” said no one…

…well, that’s not true. I regret that time I tried to run with a migraine. That was really stupid. The dizziness, the inability to focus, the roaring in my ears…Running might help you get rid of a headache, but that’s not a migraine. Oh, and there was that one time I tried to run in 30 degree weather with a 10 mph wind. Two days later I had bronchitis. Stupid workout. And of course there is the race I did only a few days past the stomach flu…

so 97 workouts out of 100 I never regretted. However, about half of those are going to be bad workouts and half are going to be good workouts. You just need to accept the fact that some workouts are gonna suck.

Like my run tonight for example.

It took me way to long to run the bridges tonight, but the truth was I felt miserable. I felt a migraine coming on way earlier this morning and knew that I was going to be getting one tonight. (which I did, btw) I felt like I needed to throw up for a good portion of the run, and I am not certain as to if it’s because of the food I’m eating that I know better than to eat or if it’s just because of the insane heat. I kept getting light headed and my breathing was insane…even knowing that the humidity was at 80% didn’t make me feel better.

But I ran. I got some miles in, even if it meant walking most of it. And that makes it not a regrettable workout.

Sure, I could have thrown my hands up and said “this was pointless!” but I did something. I went out there and tried. It’s better than most people, and it’s proving to myself that I can do this even when I feel lousy.

So remember that: No one ever really said I regret that workout. Even I don’t say I regret my workouts…instead I say that might not have been the smartest idea. But I say it after I get those miles in.

Dead last beats did not finish, which trumps did not start.


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