One sugar coma, please!

When I found out about the Krispy Kreme 3 Mile Challenge being brought to Jacksonville, I was stoked. Finally a race that I had been eyeing in North Carolina was being brought to my home town and I could participate without spending a small fortune to do so….yes, please!! But then I got out there and realized…wait a second. I have to eat a dozen doughnuts and run 3 miles?


Before the race!

So, we got there early to grab our packets, our  numbers, all that fantastic stuff…and then just sat around and chilled out. It’s what we do when we get there early. Brian had a great idea of taking before we die picture, so here’s that. They had a kids race first, where they had to eat 4 doughnuts and then run a mile. Some cheated, and didn’t eat their doughnuts. But hey, each kid got a medal for participating which was awesome to see. It was really neat seeing how many kids were out there just to do the race, with parents who weren’t interested in running it.

The relay race was after that. Where teams of three could do the race. I had a friend, Jeff, who was in the relay. He did well, but told us that he didn’t understand how we could have done the whole thing. He said that one lap was rough. As I watched them all go, I was starting to get nervous myself.

We went after that. The first four I slammed down without an issue. Showed the guy that I had them gone, and then took off. I was able to finish the first 4 and mile before my ideal time of 14 minutes, so I thought I was doing well. I started to eat the second four with only a little bit of an issue. I had to have some water to help them down, but once I got them down I took off again.

That’s when they started to hit me…and I had to walk a few times that mile in order to not throw up. By the time I finished that mile, I honestly felt like I was done. I started to take a bite of the last 4 and felt it. But I refused to let myself throw up like I was watching so many others do! Instead, I took my time eating the last four, and then took off. I had to walk this mile quite a bit…I smelled things that were making me gag, and I just didn’t want to throw up so I took it easy. I missed my mark of 45 minutes….my unofficial time was 48 something. BUT – I finished it without throwing up, which was the goal.

I did, however, go home and pass out into a sugar coma and slept for 12+ hours though. Thank God I don’t do this on a regular basis!! Brian seemed to do really well with it. He said that slamming down the doughnuts wasn’t hard for him, and he finished somewhere in the 37 minute mark. I’m super jealous! But then again – he’s a North Carolina boy so he’s used to eating all those famous doughnuts and surviving.

All in all, this thing was amazing. I had so much fun watching everyone and participating. This was the inaugural event for this race in Jacksonville. It was put on by Personal Running Solutions, and they did a fantastic job. I think I saw them go and grab doughnuts three times. Our first round were nice and warm!! Everyone there was super sweet and supportive which helps when you are trying to down doughnuts as fast as we were, and I love the shirts. I don’t have a picture of it with me, but I’ll make sure to post it. When this event happens next year I’ll be sure to sign up again…only this time, maybe in a relay!

Enjoy some pictures from the event! 🙂

Just before the kids race! 🙂

Running in a tutu! 🙂


Trying to sneak some!

After…. 🙂

One thought on “One sugar coma, please!

  1. hinukshines says:

    I would’ve puked for sure… and then I’m not sure that Krispy Kremes and me would’ve had the same love that we do at present.
    Jealous as all hell though :)) Well done you!

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