guilt complex, party of one…

Monday I did 4.5 miles, and Insanity.

Tuesday I did 4.5 miles, and Insanity.

Today, I just did Insanity. I just couldn’t pound out any miles with as sore as my legs are right now. And trust – they are sore.

So why am I feeling guilty?

Because I have this insane (ha! Pun intended) idea that I need to be super human and do everything that I can to get healthy. The thing about that is, sometimes taking a break is just as healthy as running 6  miles.

I mean, I know I am starting to feel the pre-effects of plantar faciatis in my left foot. I had it in my right, and now I know what to look for. I can feel how tight my calves and hammies are. And my hips? My hips are killing me. And waking up this morning was such a chore. I just wanted to sleep in a little bit later. I actually crawled out of bed at like….9:30, and usually that’s when I’m STARTING my Insanity training. My body is obviously telling me something.

But what do you do when your head says “get your lazy butt outta  bed and go run! C’mon! Let’s go!” ?? I was able to tell that part of my brain to shut up this morning and gave myself an extra hour and a half of sleep, but now as my shift at work is coming to a close I am starting to think that I should have ran on my dinner break.

No! I tell myself. You need a night off! You might need tomorrow off too! But my head isn’t agreeing with me.

What do you do in order to combat those thoughts?


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