I know I’m babbling but…

I. Am. Sore.

Seriously, my body aches in a delicious way that I haven’t felt in a long time. Granted, some of it is annoying but for the most part it feels fantastic. These are muscles that I haven’t been using in a while.

My calves are screaming and achy, my hips are tight, and I think I feel the beginnings of the plantar faciatis starting again…But it’s such a good feeling to be getting super sweaty and super sore like this.

I do need to swim more but it’s been super stormy and gross out. Lots of lightning and thunder and just bad storms. We need it, but it does hinder me from just jumping in the pool. I don’t mind swimming in the rain, but I do mind it when there is lightning.

I also just registered for the 5k as well as the Trident for the Never Quit Never. The trident is paid, the 5k an hour and a half later is comped thanks to WJXT being a sponsor. Here is hoping that I finish in time to run/walk it. I don’t see why I wouldn’t.

Also – I am going to really start pushing my motivational cards and whatnot to people who are working out and just starting running. So…be on the lookout! If you want to be part of the group who gets stuff in the mail, msg me your address!

And now, it’s off to shower.


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