just keep swimming, just keep swimming

My name is Jamie, and this is what I look like with my fabulous new swim goggles.

They are by Speedo, they are mirrored, and they are fabulous because they give me the security to put my head in the water. That, and the earplug for my left ear. (Why are all of my injuries, sans the plantar faciatis, on my left side?)

I seriously spent like twenty minutes in Target looking over the goggles trying to find a pair that I liked. There were tons of them. But what sold me on these, is that they mirrored part is supposedly really good for outdoor swimming in the bright sunshine. Mega win considering I don’t go anywhere without my sunglasses, and the mirrored tinted lenses were like sunglasses.



So after a bit of relaxing, Brian forced me to go to the pool to force me into the water to work on my swimming. His argument was since I bought the goggles and the shorts That I need to suck it up and go for a swim.

Oh, yeah. I also bought a pair of Champion brand shorts that come down to my knees and are dry wicking. No cotton for me, these are spandex and polyester which means they stay in place and don’t retain a ton of water. I looked like an idiot wearing them in the pool but how else are you going to test swim them?

Brian watched me swim for a while, then forced me out of the freezing cold water to watch how he does it. We worked on my legs and how I was kicking (“don’t open your hips” “you mean don’t open my legs?”) and after thirty minutes or so he was able to tell me that I was doing better with the stroke and that I looked more comfortable doing it. I was still getting my legs wrong, and my arms wrong, but I was gliding over the water a little easier each time. I also tried the freestyle stroke, being that is the stroke we will be doing for the paddle portion, and it was wicked harder and I still need to find comfort in putting my face in the water without plugging my nose, but it was easier to do with the ear plug and the goggles.

It’s comfort for me. My ear didn’t hurt and I could see what I was doing. I kept calling it false security, but Brian was telling me that it’s not false if it makes me feel better.

So…I didn’t drown and I feel more confident swimming. I got awesome shorts that I can swim in. My Dad is home from the hospital today. Brian took the day off to hang out with me. So far, today was a win.

Oh – and while at Target, I played with the masks in the kid section. This is why they don’t let me go to Target that often. 🙂 I am in love with Bumblebee and Iron Man!!!!


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