Hey, you! Sponsor me!

So on a whim, I posted on my Facebook page how if anyone wanted to pay for my race entries, I’d wear their shirts to run in. It went a little something like this:

We’ll make a deal with you…you pay for our race entry fee, and we’ll wear your companies shirt during the race, with or without a tutu. You decide. What do you say? Katharine Hollander Parker Tiffany Miller

Funny thing happened: I got responses.

Two of my friends – one close friend and one from college who I really need to find time to have lunch with – both responded to me that they are interested. Huh. Is it really that easy?

Earlier today, we went to Hurricanes Bar and Grill to have a few beers before The Avengers and mentioned to my husband how Jen was going to talk to the owner to see if he was interested in sponsoring us. He pays for the race entry, we’d don shirts with the place on it for the race. I’ll do it with a tutu, because that always gets more exposure. Brian said he had no problem wearing a Hurricanes shirt to run in if it meant helping pay for our entries.

So now, I’m thinking about making up a formal letter along with pictures of me and Brian to send out to companies to see if they would be interested in sponsoring us in return for us wearing their shirts to run in. Granted, working at a television station that sponsors a good chunk of races helps to cover some, but a lot of them are not covered…and being a race junkie, why not?

And if I can do it for Brian and I, then Kat and Tiffany can do it too. I am almost certain that we know enough small companies that would be willing to pay the $20 – $35 fee and throw a t-shirt or tank top our way to race in. And we are making so many tutu’s to run in, that I know we’ll have plenty to wear to match whatever colors they have.

Is this an insane idea? Or something I should seriously pursue? Thoughts?


One thought on “Hey, you! Sponsor me!

  1. Shannon Williams says:

    I live in Bradenton FL and was just trying to think about how I.could gwt help with race fees too. I want to run my first half in January. As a SAHM our solo income leaves very little for gear needed, much less entry fees. My son has started to race with me, but even only letting him do 5k’s bumps entries up to $50-$60. Thats a huge chunk of change for our family of 4. Any ideas of getting help with this? I’d love to claim we were super fast and attention getting but that’s not the case. We just want to run.

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