The Ick has a name…

and it’s name is “Upper Respiratory Infection” and it comes with three medications, and a strict order to chill out for a while and stay away from airplanes.

Done and done.

It kind of sucks because I feel lousy but at the same time kind of better. Moments of fantasticness and moments of “OMG someone kill me now.” The latter usually comes when I am dying from a coughing fit and my chest and throat feel like they are on fire.

That was yesterday…today I feel worse because I woke up not only unable to breathe properly but also with a migraine, so there goes another day wasted sleeping and lounging around. I feel miserable.

As soon as I gather the strength to be functional, however, I’m going to sit down and work on my motivational stuff. I have a few friends that have started running this year and I like sending them things in the  mail to keep them motivated. Cards, little notes, stickers…you know, little things that show that this cheerleader is still routing for your despite her lack of consciousness at the moment.

Would you like to get little motivational excitements in the mail? I added my email in the contacts, so just shoot me an email with your address and email addy in it and I’ll start sending you fun stuff too!

As soon as I can function properly again. Right now I want a nap.


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